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mini product reviews show season essentials: ogilvy hunter pad, RJ classics show coat, Romfh show shirt, Tredstep Medici field boots, EquiFuse

Mini Product Reviews: Show Season Essentials

This show season I snagged quite a few new items that deserve some air time on the blog. I don’t have enough to say to warrant individual posts on each of these things, so I’m lumping them all together as a review on show season essentials.

ogilvy hunter padOgilvy Hunter Pad

Size: 17 – 17.5
Retail Price: $260
What I Paid: $200
Purchased: August 2016

I’m very particular about my shaped show pads. I’ve loved my Ogilvy Half Pad and Baby Pads for as long as I’ve owned them, and I had the original Hunter Half Pad as well. But that half pad made every shaped pad fit funny, leaving excess pad showing at the bottom of my saddle. It drove me nuts! So during a sale at Equus Now! I purchased the new Ogilvy shaped Hunter Pad, and I’m so glad I did! The material is exactly what I wanted — their medium-thick, quilted cotton, with fleece (faux-sheepskin) around the edges, and removable memory foam inserts. My pad doesn’t have girth loops, but does have billet straps. At first I wasn’t stoked about that, but they work better I think, and you don’t see them from the ground at all.

The Recommendation: Love! If you need a new shaped pad, I highly recommend giving this one a try.

miles round canter at 2016 showtime

RJ Classics Xtreme Grey Label Hunt CoatRJ Classics Xtreme Grey Label Hunt Coat

Size: 16
Retail Price: $230
What I Paid: $0
Purchased: May 2016

My amazing husband got my this hunt coat in GREEN for our anniversary (seriously, how did I get so lucky?!). I’d been lusting after it for quite some time and I couldn’t be happier with the purchase! The RJ Classics Xtreme Grey Label Hunt Coat is lightweight and stretchy enough to give my arms freedom of motion, while maintaining enough shape on it’s own to still produce a flattering silhouette. As far as hunt coats go, it one of the coolest and most comfortable I’ve ever worn. Plus it’s machine washable and comes out looking brand new every time. The price won’t break the bank, and honestly the construction and design remind me of a much higher-end coat.

The Recommendation: Love! If you need a new show coat on a budget, this is your jacket!

Miles Low Thoroughbred Hunters at Showtime at Willow Way

romfh competitor show shirtRomfh Competitor Show Shirt

Size: XL
Retail Price: $67.95
What I Paid: $50
Purchased: July 2016

I’ve been on a huge technical show shirt kick this year. I love my Essex show shirts, but I recently found out about magnetic collars… which is magical! So when I saw the Romfh Competitor Show Shirt on sale, I snagged it. It ticked all of my boxes for a show shirt: long sleeve, mostly white with a fun pattern, vented sleeves and a magnetic collar. And as an added bonus, these sleeves just have a fitted cuff and no snaps or buttons! The shirt fits me really well, and I love how it has some extra fun touches (like a colorful patch on one arm). The magnetic collar works like a charm, so I can snap it together with my gloves on and it’s strong enough to not come undone no matter what shenanigans are occurring in the ring.

The Recommendation: Like it! I still prefer my Essex shirts, but at nearly half the price and with magnetic collar, you can’t go wrong with this shirt.

Jump jump horse show pony

tredstep medici field bootTredstep Medici Field Boots

Size: 39 Plus Regular
Retail Price: $399
What I Paid: $399
Purchased: May 2016

I’ve been on the tall boot struggle bus for quite some time. I’ve pretty much tried on every off the rack boot to find that Ariat Challenge and Tredstep Medici are the ONLY ones that fit me… except Ariat Challenge’s make my feet go numb. At first, I really liked the Tredstep Medici’s — they fit really well, broke in easily and didn’t make my feet go numb. The feel through boots is great: very close contact and the footbed is comfortable. Unfortunately after only a few months the zipper on one broke. After much discussion, I’ve opted to just have the zipper replaced since I couldn’t find any other boot I liked better… but I was pretty disappointed that at this price point, the construction wasn’t up to par.

The Recommendation: Meh. Due to my issues with the boots, I really can’t recommend them in good faith. BUT if you’re tough to fit, they’re worth a try.

Miles Canter Big

equifuse citra shampoo and conditionerEquiFuse Citra Shampoo and Conditioner

Retail Price: $19.99 (Shampoo), $14.99 (Conditioner)
What I Paid: $35 (for both)
Purchased: May 2016

After L from Viva Carlos’ stellar reviews of these products, I’d wanted to try them. I finally bit the bullet and got the EquiFuse Citra Foam Shampoo and EquiFuse Citra Cream Conditioner this spring to use for horse shows. I’ll admit that during the first wash I wasn’t amazed… but the next day I was! Miles’ coat was so soft and shiny the following day, and the conditioner made his brittle hair soft and flowing. I used it at each horse show and was really happy with the results. It made day of grooming a breeze, and kept my horse looking his best the entire season.

The Recommendation: Like it! It’s definitely a splurge, but I loved the way it made my horse’s coat look and feel.

Miles head on Jumping at Willow Way June 2016 by J Winslow Photography blog


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12 thoughts to “Mini Product Reviews: Show Season Essentials”

  1. Those Tredsteps do look really nice on you. They have a taller top than I would expect just look at the boots themselves. I’m also so glad to see a review of the Ogilvy Hunter pad. That’s one of those things I keep wanting, but just can’t quite justify. Since I haven’t had the budget to pick one up, I’ve been afraid to touch it and decide whether I love it. Lol.

  2. I love my Ogilvy shaped pad too I just wish they hadn’t taken for ()&*(^&&$^%$ ever to get it to me and were rude about it too!!!!!!

    EquiFuse is amazing I will use their shampoo forever!

  3. RJ Classic is definitely one of my favorite jacket brands. I think their coats are beautiful and the price point is really reasonable. I’ve been admiring that jacket on you all season!
    Sorry to hear the boots broke, but they do look nice!

  4. I love my RJ jacket too!! I feel meh about my tredsteps as well tho – mostly bc the fit thru my da vincis is a little strange in the calf. The seem like solid boots otherwise tho and have held up quite well to frequent use over the years. No zipper issues so perhaps they changed manufacturers for the medicis?

  5. I need a show pad. Will check out your pick. My Tredstep Donatellos (I think the lower end version of your boots) also had the zipper give out after maybe a year. But honestly, the guy who repaired the zipper said I need to be using a zipper lubricant regularly due to the dust/grit my boots are continually exposed to. Not sure if you have as much dust in OH, but you might want to try a similar preventative measure. 🙂

  6. I feel like zippers breaking on Tredsteps is a super common thing. I’ve read many reviews that state this and my own Tredsteps had a zipper blow after a few months. Not sure why the construction is so shoddy around the zipper.

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