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Miles Historical Collage

Miles’ Mysterious Past REVEALED!

When I purchased Miles on Sept. 12, 2013 there was some mystery surrounding his past. I knew his immediate history, as in the previous 12 months or so, but beyond that it was all hypothetical and speculation. How old was he? Was he a Thoroughbred or an Appendix? No one really knew the answers. At first, I wanted to know all about Miles and where he had come from. But then, I got nervous. What if I dug something up that I didn’t want to know? So I dropped it. We showed successfully all summer and I fell head over heels in love with this horse. So this fall, I decided to do some digging. I talked to his previous owner and barn manager and worked backwards. And today, while there are still a few gaps in his history, I’m happy to say that I know where Miles came from.

Congaree Thoroughbred Stallion
Congaree, Miles’ sire. Photo from The Bloodhorse

2007: Capitalist is Born

Miles is born as Capitalist on May 10, 2007 in Kentucky; a chestnut Thoroughbred gelding by Congaree, who is most famous for winning the 2001 Wood Memorial Stakes over Monarchos. Congaree finished  third behind that rival in the Kentucky Derby that year, while setting a record for the fastest opening mile in Derby history. On his dam’s side, Miles is out of Southern Delicacy (by Tabasco Cat), who was unraced.

This information was found courtesy of the wonderful staff at the Thoroughbred Incentive Program who took Miles’ information and matched him to this Jockey Club registration. I cannot say thank you to enough to these folks who did an amazing job searching through thousands of records to find the one horse who matched Miles’ description!

2008: Up For Sale

Miles is consigned to a Keeneland Yearling sale in January by Lane’s End (agent). But his reserve isn’t met ($9,500), so he doesn’t sell.

2009-2010: Lost Years

Unfortunately I don’t have any information about what happened to Miles during these two years. My best guess is that he probably stood in a field somewhere and maybe someone tried some race training? Obviously Miles didn’t get very far, because he doesn’t have a tattoo, which means he never set foot on a racetrack. Supposedly someone purchased him in 2010 from his breeder, Bob Ackerman, but unfortunately I haven’t been able to find the name of this buyer.

Miles circa 2011
Miles in 2011, over one of his very first jumps

2011: Capitol Chance is an Eventer

Miles, known as “Clancy,” is sold to a working student at an eventing farm in North Central Ohio. I spoke with the Working Student via Facebook, who said she brought him along slowly, and that he “took everything in stride and was quite simple to educate.” Sounds like my Miles for sure!

She did a few clinics on him with an advanced level event rider and then took him to his first Event in September 2011 under the name Capitol Chance. Yep, Miles started his career as an eventer and apparently was decent enough to snag 4th in the Starter Division. If you look closely, you can see Miles in the victory lap in this video on YouTube [he first appears at 3:52 and you can see him running at 5:02 and 5:35]. The next week, Miles sells to a Dressage trainer from Columbus, Ohio for one of her clients.

2012: Changes for Clancy

This is the slightly sketchy part of Miles’ past. Miles spends the beginning part of this year lame due to an abscess, but not long after he becomes sound, the Dressage trainer who helped purchase him quits the business for personal reasons. He moves with his junior owner to a local hunter/jumper facility, but the pair struggles over the winter. His owner becomes nervous around him and eventually decides to give him away.

Apparently, there was some misunderstanding about the exact nature of this transaction, according to the previous Dressage trainer who I spoke with over the phone. But bygones are bygones and everyone’s happy that “Clancy” has found a good home now. Anyways, Miles goes to a new hunter/jumper facility in the area, and then sells to a new junior owner who renames him Milestone. [Fun fact: at this time he’s boarded at a farm where I boarded Visa when I first moved to Columbus. I’m still friends with the barn owner and she helped me track down the Dressage Trainer!]

Miles in 2012
Miles at a hunter/jumper barn in 2012

2013: Milestone

In January, Miles competes at a local hunter/jumper show and in Baby Green Hunters (2’6″) and Limit Hunters (2′) with his then owner and her trainer. In the spring, his junior owner moves out of the state and Miles goes to the trainer’s farm to be sold. The trainer campaigns Miles at local shows in the summer, which is where I saw him for the first time in June.

I end up buying Miles in September and the rest is history! Well, at least it’s all chronicled here on the blog.

Miles and Tracy Sept 2013
The day he became mine <3


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44 thoughts on “Miles’ Mysterious Past REVEALED!

    1. I was really surprised that I was able to find out his lineage! I thought when the trail went cold around Miles’ 3 year old year, I’d never know.

  1. LOVE this post. Such cool info and the why the Internet can be amazingly cool. Wow, his dad is a winner! Feel bad for these mares who get no props! Can’t find Felix’s mom either!

    1. Well Miles’ mom didn’t really do anything, haha! She never raced and never produced any good racehorses. But I still wish I could find a picture somewhere!

  2. Looove everything about this post!! So much cool history about him! I’ve met Congaree a couple of times and he is the sweetest dude on the planet. I have a bunch of pictures of him in my Stud Farms album on facebook if you want to check them out.

  3. This is so exciting!!!! That’s so comforting to know that he had a great start, and you even got pictures! So happy for you 🙂

  4. Wow! You were able to track down A LOT of info! Great job!! So nice to have some more background on him =) I think you should do an event with him one day. After all, he’s a ribbon-winning eventer!! ;]

    1. I almost died when I learned he evented! Too funny, although it does make me feel like I shouldn’t be as nervous to go out in the jump field since he’s technically done cross-country! Haha

  5. Quite the past for your love bug! His sire is awesome too. He may have been on a track, even if he isn’t tattooed. He just can’t race without one. But we may never know!

  6. That’s great that you were able to get so much information! I’ve had Foster since he was a just-turned 4 year old, but I get questions about his pedigree a lot and I really wish I knew.

    1. I was surprised to learn that Miles had such a “famous” sire, but it’s been pretty interesting to read about his lineage

    1. I almost got him DNA tested, kind of like you did with Griffin and Q! That was my plan if the Jockey Club couldn’t identify him off the pictures

  7. That’s so cool you were able to find out so much about him!! I’ve always wondered about Prince, but trying to make it back 15 years (and I doubt he’s a full TB) is pretty much impossible.

    How fun that you know more of his history and his bloodlines!

    1. My previous horse was a bit older when I got him, so I didn’t know as much about his past. But Miles’ lack of papers really motivated me to search back and I’m so glad I did!

    1. I think so! I love seeing his progress and realizing that he really doesn’t have as much experience as I thought. He just has such a great mind!

  8. That’s so cool! We pretty much know Lucy’s entire history at this point – she was actually bred not far from me, up in Colorado before she made the Texas rounds for a few years. Coorina came to us as a yearling, so aside from breeders, we were her only owners.

  9. nice work in digging all that up – sounds like Miles has had a very busy and interesting life! and that’s so cool that there are so many different people who still remember him well and fondly 🙂

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