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Tracy with POA pony

Media Monday: The Smallest Pony

I don’t have much in the way of weekend activities to report on today. Miles came up mysteriously lame on Thursday, so he’s been getting some TLC the last few days. He seems to be getting better and I’m looking forward to jogging him tomorrow to see how he looks. Fingers crossed that Big Red just needed some rest.

I did, however, get to participate in the best kind of horse shopping: for someone else, with their money. I got a text on Friday from a good friend who asked me if I might have time to go look at a pony for her. Of course I said yes, I mean, not only is she a really great friend, but who doesn’t like to shop for ponies?! So on Saturday I trekked out and met Sugar, a 10-year-old medium POA.

Tracy with POA pony

She’s your stereotypical lesson pony: small, fluffy, cute and apparently gets fat on air. She’s quiet, but still has a bit of spunk in her; she definitely wasn’t afraid to test me a bit! I was a little apprehensive about riding her since (1) she’s small and I’m not and (2) I’ve never ridden a pony that small… or at least I haven’t since I was about 10 years old. She certainly felt a heck of a lot different from Miles, and I didn’t ride for long, plus I was extra careful to try to sit very lightly on her. In true blogger fashion, I even convinced the BHE (Best Husband Ever) to take some video for ya’ll… and the potential buyer of course. Enjoy!


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23 thoughts to “Media Monday: The Smallest Pony”

  1. Actually, you looked pretty good on the pony. I think riders have a false sense of their size compared to a horse’s size. My Arab is 15’1 and my Zweibrücker is 16’3, but I feel the same on both of them. Someone actually told me on Saturday how huge her horse looked next to Speedy, but I think it’s all in how those short guys carry themselves. Your pony looks like he has presence. :0)

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