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Media Monday: Confidence Boost

Better late than never, right? If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably already seen this, but here’s a quick video of my lesson on Miles from last week (you know, the one where we got our groove back). Special thanks to Nichole for playing videographer inbetween her own rounds <3

This was our second course (the one that started with the big, scary 2’3″ oxer). You can see how I biff the fourth jump, apologize to my horse, and biff the final jump too. But we just circle, come back around, and NAIL them both. Go team!!


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12 thoughts on “Media Monday: Confidence Boost

  1. I love that you came back around and totally owned those last two fences. And I love that Miles didn’t throw you any ‘tude when you didn’t come in perfectly the first time!

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