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Making Progress

I realized when I sat down to write this blog that I’ve had way more rides than I realized, so there’s lots to talk about. Sorry for holding out on you! So let’s see… Thursday night I hacked Vinnie. There was a big group of us, which is always fun, and we rode outside for the first time this Spring. I admit, I was a little nervous at first because I never know what’s going to set Vinnie off, but he was a champ! He didn’t spook once, not even in the scary corner by the bleachers [which Vinnie believes is a bear cave]. What a good pony!

We started out with a group exercise, all four of us in a line, basically playing follow the leader. Vinnie and I did well, we just lost momentum to the left towards the end of the exercise. I guess our fitness and conditioning is still a work in progress. After that we did some work with ground poles. Vinnie was “on it,” as Trainer would say. He even took a long spot over one of the poles [on the “out” of the line], which was awesome. Vinnie is world-famous for sneaking in an extra stride and chipping wherever he can; anytime he takes a long spot is kind of a big deal in my book!

On Saturday I had an extra lesson on Diamond; it was the first time I’d ridden her in about three weeks due to her injury. She came out a little up, but I kept her busy with lots of circles and changes in direction. She was a little stiff to the right at the trot, but worked right out of it. We ended up having a fabulous lesson and Trainer said we can put Diamond back to work full time! It also looks like I’ll be able to show her in some flat classes at the barn schooling show next weekend too. Yippee!

At the end of the lesson I had a nice talk with Trainer about my goals and making sure we are still on the same page. I’m really glad we talked, because I’d been a little frustrated lately. Of course, it’s been difficult to work on jumping bigger the last few weeks with Diamond out and Vinnie just coming back into work, but still. I have a goal, and I want to stick to it. We also talked about things I can do in my flat rides to work on strengthening my legs, especially my right leg. Sounds like lots of two point and no stirrup work is in my future!
Vinnie and I on 4-18-13


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