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Lessons & Shows

In addition to great rides on Miles this weekend, I also did some other fun horse-related activities. Saturday after my ride I went up to Eden Park Equestrian Complex to see one of my oldest friends show. I haven’t been to a show since I took Miles in October and while this is a different venue and “A” rated, it’s run by the same show management team as the summer series we attended. I’d also never been to this particular venue before, so it was fun to see it! The footing was fabulous and the large ring, was well… LARGE. I’d really love to show Miles there one day!

Anyways, my friend showed her mare in the 3′ Adult Amateur Hunters and they looked great! She’s battled some soundness issues in the past, and I hadn’t seen them go around in over a year so it was a ton of fun to watch them do their thing. After she finished up I chatted with her and her mom and loved on Princess Ava. She’s such a cuddle bug!

On my drive home I realized I cannot wait to show Miles this summer! He’s been so fabulous lately I just feel like we could step into the 2′ Limit Hunters tomorrow. Of course, that’s not my goal (I want to jump 2’6″ dammit!) but still. I definitely have been bitten by the Horse Show Bug. C’mon spring and summer — I want to horse show!!

Sunday brought about another fun horse adventure. I visited Jess and Lex from Riding Rainbow and played videographer and photographer for their lesson! I’ve met Lex a few times now, but to date it’s been just too damn cold to ride, so this weekend was the first time I’d gotten to see Lex do more than eat carrots (which she is quite good at).

And let me tell you, Lex is fucking fancy. I’m not a huge fan of mares… or Thoroughbreds (mostly because I’m not a good enough rider to ride them), but I love Lex. She has a great personality and a wonderful brain; she definitely has her green horse moments, but she just oozes potential. She is going to be one hell of a nice horse here soon.

I am the worst at photos… so just focus on how beautiful Lex is!! 

Anyways, I’m sure Jess will tell you all about the lesson (and probably include some of my terrible photos and videos… just remember to blame the person behind the camera for any ugliness! haha), but I really enjoyed auditing. I even took home a few nuggets of wisdom to try with Miles! All in all I had a really fabulous weekend.


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  1. Thanks again for your kind words and all your help on Sunday! Lex loves you too. I’m about to write the lesson recap right now!

    I hope I get to see you and Miles at a show before I leave Ohio!

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