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family in front of grandmas house

Lemons and Lemonade

This is just a quick and dirty recap of all that’s gone on in the last few weeks — it’s been a whirlwind for sure. Lots of highs and lows, but that’s life. My riding has been sporadic at best, but I’ve still managed to fit in some quality pony time (thank goodness).

Immediately following my last horse show, we celebrated the wedding of one of my best friends and then promptly turned around and went to a funeral for said friend’s grandfather.

claires wedding

I had a few lowkey rides on both Miles and Moiya early that week, before handing over the reins to a friend for a few days, while Sam and I traveled to Boston for a work conference (I tagged along). I was pretty excited having never been to Boston, so I took in all the scenery, enjoyed the harbor breeze and ate a ton of seafood (my favorite!). We took a tour of Fenway Park, since unfortunately the Sox were out of town.

boston trip 2016

And best of all, I got to meet fellow blogger TerisΓ© from Breeches and Boat Shoes at the one and only SmartPak Retail store.Β We had a great time chatting, and enjoyed dinner at a local sushi place.

fly on over and breeches and boat shoes

Unfortunately while we were away in Boston, I got the news that my grandmother passed (somewhat unexpectedly). That put a damper on the trip, and turned our weekend away into a traveling extravaganza. We were able to fly home from Boston as scheduled, and I spent last Monday and Tuesday at home. I was planning on riding both ponies, but of course Miles threw a shoe on Monday so he had spa days instead. I did ride Moiya, and on Tuesday I popped her over a small jump and it felt so good to be in the saddle doing what I love.

moiya and miles spa day

Wednesday we drove to upstate New York for calling hours and the funeral service. We stayed through Sunday to help out with all the arrangements and beginning the process of getting all Grandma’s affairs in order. While it was really hard, it was nice to spend so much time with family — especially extended family that we don’t get to see very much.

family in front of grandmas house

So now I’m back home, and trying to piece together some semblance of normalcy after our whirlwind two weeks. Although things likely won’t settle down until November or so, with all of our upcoming plans (horse shows, vacation, back and forth to NY too I’m sure). And… as if that wasn’t enough going on, Sam and I decided to add a new member to the family: meet Kona, who comes home Oct. 10!

kona labradoodle


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24 thoughts to “Lemons and Lemonade”

    1. We’ve had a rotten year as far as saying goodbye is concerned… and I don’t know if it’s right or wrong, but that definitely played into the increasing desire to bring in a new pupper, heh

    1. Perhaps you shall have to meet the pup! I’m hoping to be back up later next month, so we’ll have to meet up. I thought about sending you a message last week, but we just didn’t have time.

  1. Sorry about the lows, it seems like you hit a certain age and funerals become a more frequent occurance. The trip to Boston sounds like a blast, I’ve been to so little of the US.

  2. So sorry for your loss πŸ™ Life is funny that way isn’t it? You have all kinds of wonderful all around you and then life’s all “oh hey… about all that happy…”
    Congrats on the new kid though, can’t wait to hear more about Kona!

  3. So sorry for a rough few weeks, but glad to see you were able to make some happy memories as well.

    Kona’s blue eyes are too sweet, and that curly hair is adorable. I’m sure she’ll be a lot of fun.

  4. condolences to you and your family for the loss of your grandmother. Hopefully the visiting with family members and the new puppy Kona go a long way to bringing some relief!

  5. Aww – I am so bummed I missed your trip to Boston!!! I only live about 30 minutes from Smartpak πŸ™ I actually am friends with 2 or 3 people that work there!

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