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Look at How Far You've Come

Leaps and Bounds

I often feel with horses that I’m either improving dramatically with almost every ride or that I’m at a plateau and going nowhere. Right now, I am the former; I am advancing in leaps and bounds. After my private lesson on Saturday and my flat ride on Sunday, a lot of concepts really “clicked” for me and I was able to carry a lot of learning over to my Monday night lesson (trainer even said so!).

Vinnie was high as a kite and I’m pretty sure he had “No Worries” playing on repeat in his head the entire lesson. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle, but as a result we did a lot of schooling and didn’t put much together. We would jump a line, come down to a walk and circle, then pick up the canter and jump the next jump, stop. Stand. Canter the next jump; wash, rinse, repeat.

The exciting part was that I could really feel a difference between what I’ve dubbed as my “flowing two-point”, in which I correctly fold my upper body, while maintaining my core and legs versus my “posing two-point,” where I mostly stand up in the stirrups (okay, it might not be quite that bad, but it’s very a very static position). Additionally, even when I posed, it wasn’t as static as before (if that makes any sense). I was able to follow better with my arms and maintain more weight in my legs than before. This is very exciting for me, because I know now all I need are more reps over fences before all of this becomes habit and my posing two-point becomes the occasional “oops.”

Look at How Far You've Come

In other news, I’m heading back home Thursday afternoon for my little sister’s college graduation – YEAH! I am really proud and excited for her; she has worked exceptionally hard for this degree and I’m happy I was able to get time off work to go celebrate with her. PLUS she just got a job (and she’s been looking for something at least part-time for months) so our family has a ton to celebrate.

Only eight days until the first horse show of the season!


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  1. I always hate when I hit a plateau, but they are good chances to reflect and dissect the entirety of the riding situation. I’m glad that you aren’t on one 🙂

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