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Miles stretchy trot March 2017


At this point in the year I’m usually really sick of the cold, grey days of winter and frantically trying to get ready for show season. However, my usual sense of urgency is no where to be found. Perhaps it was the mild winter or lack of big riding goals; maybe it’s been all the change in my life and the lessons I’ve learned. Whatever it is, I’ve embraced this calmer, less worried attitude… which is probably why you haven’t seen much about riding on the blog.

Brushing Miles' mane

Miles took a hiatus over the winter and only worked once or twice a week. I think it worked well and honestly continues to do so. While we’ve actually had a decent number of lessons together this month, it wasn’t planned that way. So far, I’ve found myself with a much fitter horse than I’m used to (at least for early spring) who is so much more educated than I remember. We have so many buttons now: a solid go button, collection and extension in all three gaits, sitting trot, sitting canter and even baby leg yields.

Mounting up

We’ve jumped around a bit too, and the takeoff and landing gear all still works. I’m not quite as balanced over the bigger (2’6″) oxers yet, but that will just take a few reps. Once we’re taking lessons and jumping consistently again, I know the pieces will fall back into place quickly. Patience is my keyword right now, as I wait for the weather to break so we can ride outside more. I’m not sure how many lessons I’ll get outside before our first show of the year (Memorial Day weekend!), but for the first time ever, I’m not concerned about it.

Miles stretchy trot March 2017

I’ll go to the first horse show, and whatever I’m comfortable doing is what we’ll do. If that means 2′, great. If it means 2’6″ in the smaller Ring 2, awesome. If I’m ready to jump around Ring 1 in the Equitation — cool! Whatever we do, I know I’ll have fun with my friends, and that’s what I’m looking forward to the most. I might be finally embracing all that comes with being an adult amateur: the option to take the pressure off and just go out and do whatever the hell I want with my horse. It sure took me long enough to get here!


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9 thoughts on “Lackadaisical

  1. What a fantastic mindset to have. Showing can be pretty damn fun with a few friends, some strawberry daiquiris and an attitude like yours. 🙂

  2. Life’s lessons in nonhorse areas of my life led to me to that same kind of attitude with horses and wow, it made things WAY better. Wish I could have gotten there sooner, but life is funny like that.

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