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Killin’ Those Crossrails

Despite my work and general life drama from this past week, I went ahead with my regularly scheduled Thursday evening lesson. It ended up being a private, and Jess from Riding Rainbow came to watch. It was a nice treat to have a fresh take on my riding, and she got along famously with my trainer (they chatted all about Florida and selling horses and pancake saddles).

I told my trainer I wanted to have a bit of an easier lesson. With everything going on, it was just nice to ride and feel somewhat accomplished. We started out on the flat, and Miles felt a little stiff. We focused on exercises at the trot to help him loosen up, and after about 15 minutes he was going great. We practiced picking up the right lead canter, which I seem to have totally forgotten how to do. Which is annoying and frustrating for everyone involved. But we made some progress, and I have some things to work on in my flat rides.

After Miles called it quits on stupid canter transitions, we moved on to jumping. And he was stoked about it. As soon as we jumped the first crossrail, his ears perked up and he was ON IT. We just did small 2′ jumps, which is fine with me. I focused on keeping my eye up and looking ahead… way ahead. As soon as I did that, Miles was awesome. We got every single lead change, including two in our difficult direction (right to left)!! Jess even took some video for us:


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