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Dianne and Miles Small Coop

Jump Jump Field Pony

I’ve mentioned in before, but the barn I board Miles at is awesome — one of the (many) perks are the miles and miles of groomed trails right behind the barn. Not only that, but the farm has a huge jump field with natural logs and (brand new!) cross country jumps. Ever since I started riding out on the grass and hitting the trails more, I’ve wanted to jump the jumps in the field. Of course, the stars never aligned because I’m way too much of a ring baby to do it without my trainer.

Dianne and Miles Small Coop
No media of me, just the awesome Dianne!

Last month though, things finally came together and IT HAPPENED. TWICE. You read that right — this little ring baby, teeny weeny amateur is growing up. I did, however, take full advantage of a much more seasoned rider jumping Miles around some of the jumps first. My wonderful barn manager (and childhood friend), Dianne, agreed to ride Miles in the jump field and pop him over some jumps for me. So I set up a lesson with trainer, and we all trekked down to the jump field one morning.

The bugs weren’t too bad and Miles was pretty good. He played a few times, but Dianne was able to easily correct him. They jumped a lot of the smaller stuff, and when she didn’t see a spot Miles did his job and jumped anyways. After watching them go around, I hopped aboard. I think I trotted two jumps and cantered one and that was it — I was just SO DAMN HAPPY. Jumping in the field has been on my goals list for more than a year… and we finally did it!

Dianne and Miles thru the trees
Artsy… aka I picked a terrible spot #whoops

In fact, I had so much fun that a few weeks later we did it again. This time I felt confident enough to just hop aboard myself. Miles played a little bit more, so I only felt confident enough to trot fences, but we jumped MORE and different fences than I had the first time. It was a lot of fun and I can’t wait to do it again!


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13 thoughts on “Jump Jump Field Pony

  1. wooooo check you out!!!! when it’s hot like this, nothing beats getting out to the cooler grass, esp with all that nice tree shade! those jumps look awesome too!

  2. Woot woot! While that is fabulous, I am almost more amazed by the BEAUTIFUL field you have! I wouldn’t ride anywhere else! Of course, CA is brown and dry right now, so we’re always blinded by any green we see. I had to watch the video a second time to see the horse! Lol

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