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Second Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

Join the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

In case you missed it, Fly On Over is hosting an Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange again this year! Last year we have more than 25 participants and it was a ton of fun giving [and receiving!] gifts. So far we’ve got nearly 40 bloggers signed up and I’d love to make it to 50 — the more the merrier!

Miles says Join the Gift Exchange

To participate send me an email [tracyjbeavers(at)gmail(dot)com] with the below information by Friday, Nov. 28. Then check your email on Monday, Dec. 1 to see who you’ll be shopping for and send your gift the week of Dec. 22 [or before, if you’re on the ball].

  • Your Full Name
  • Blog Name and URL
  • Shipping Address
  • Some information to help your Secret Santa shop for you (gift ideas, a bit of information about yourself and/or your horse, etc)
  • Whether or not you’d be willing to ship to Canada and/or the UK

We hope you’ll join in on the fun this year!


Fly On Over is an equestrian lifestyle blog devoted to connecting horse lovers around the world. By providing equestrians with practical tips and tricks related to horse ownership, discussing training techniques for horse and rider, as well as covering industry news.

2 thoughts to “Join the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange”

  1. I had an absolute blast living vicariously through this gift exchange last year on the blogosphere & cannot wait to do the same again this year.
    Maybe next year I can participate, but with getting the keys to my new flat early next year and still so many furniture purchases to be made…I best not sign up this time!
    Have a ball everyone & I hope you get a nice even number of people to pair up ☺

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