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Vinnie's Nose

It’s A No Go

After a lot of thinking and talking to anyone who would listen [including my faithful readers, thanks!] I decided not to buy the horse. In the end, it was my MF’s mom who helped me the most. She is completely non-horsey [as in doesn’t even know a mare from a gelding] and she just said I should listen to my gut. Simple advice, but it really hit home for me. Some people don’t get gut feelings, but I definitely do. I usually weigh all the factors and make a decision — I’m not impulsive, but I’m also not indecisive — and the fact that I was so back and forth about this issue tells me that I didn’t have a good feeling. As soon as I came to this realization, I felt so much better. Maybe I’m passing by a great opportunity, but it’s only great if I want it… and at this point, I don’t. Sorry to get your hopes up 😉

Since I’ve spent all my waking hours agonizing over buying this horse the last few days after my decision was made, I spent some quality time doing normal, adult things. I spent all day Saturday turning my apartment from a disaster zone back into an acceptable habitat. Luckily my place is fairly small, so cleaning, laundry and the grocery store only took a few hours. BF and I ended up going to dinner with his mom that evening and by the time we got back I was wiped out and spent the rest of the night on the couch watching Say Yes to the Dress. That show is like crack to me; I just can’t get enough!

Om Sunday I slept in and then went out to the barn — it was gorgeous! 70 degrees and sunny, with just enough breeze to keep us fairly cool. I rode Vinnie outside [first show of the season is three weeks away!] and he was a champ. He usually doesn’t like to be by himself, but he was fine. We did some work with ground poles, starting with an adjustability exercise, which went pretty well followed by some rollbacks and turns to help me practice using my right leg more effectively. This might sound kind of crazy, but sometimes my right leg is totally useless; I have a lot of trouble squeezing it when I’m in a half seat to move a horse over, or keep a bend, etc. I had also planned to do some two-point and no stirrup work as well, but I wasn’t feeling it and after we finished our pole work, I had already been riding for 40 minutes [which is a lot for me] so we did our last stretchy trot and called it a day.

Hosed and grazed and it was wonderful. Lesson tonight, and then I might not ride again until Saturday/Sunday.


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