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Miles and Tracy Feb 2015

It Didn’t Happen Unless…

A popular saying amongst bloggers is “it didn’t happen unless you have photographic evidence.” Well, dear readers, I took that to heart as I climbed aboard my faithful steed and rode for the first time in 10 days. While it’s not the first time I’ve taken more than a week off from riding, the hiatus always seems much longer and infinitely more painful when it’s due to weather and not something more exciting, like a tropical vacation.

Miles and Tracy Riding Feb 2015

The ride was uneventful: Miles started out a bit stiff, which for him means poking along like a Western Pleasure pony. But we did lots of circles and changes of direction at the trot, which helped loosen him up. But the key with Miles is always to do some “galloping,” which means I ask him to lengthen his canter down the long sides of the arena, to really get his feet moving and encourage him to stretch through his neck and back.

The canter exercise worked like a charm, as it always does, and by the end of our 20 minute ride, I was huffing and puffing, but my pony was trotting out like a dream. Cheers to finally being back in the saddle!

Miles and Tracy Feb 2015


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19 thoughts on “It Didn’t Happen Unless…

  1. You look so happy! I love your big grin! I also got on my pony Sunday after 2 or 3 weeks off – weather related. The ride was great, but I am soooo out of shape 🙁

  2. I can entirely identify with the huffing and puffing. At least you actually just rode in the arena like an intelligent human being instead of going xc schooling on greenies (as you know I nearly died).

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