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Essex Classics Talent Yarn Shirts

What I’m Craving, Equestrian Edition

One of my goals this year has been to spread my money around, to accomplish some goals outside of horses. Blasphemy, I know! But since we purchased our first home, I’ve been focusing more of my resources there (which has been totally worth it). Despite this effort to be fiscally responsible, I’m still window shopping. It’s only bad if I click “add to cart,” right?! Of course with show season around the corner, I’m wistfully dreaming of a few new things I’d love to add to my collection.

Soft Shell Show Coat in Hunter Green

Soft Shell Show Coat in Hunter Green

Ever since they came back into style, I’ve lusted after the hunter green show coats. I love how the green color helps the rider stand out, since it’s still not a super popular color, but it’s still very traditional and subdued. It doesn’t hurt that I look good in green and I think it’s a smashing combination with a chestnut. It’s tough for me to find plus-size soft shell jackets to begin with, so finding one in green is pretty slim pickings… but I did find the RJ Classics Monterey Xtreme Soft Shell Show Coat. At $525, I just can’t justify the cost. Although RJ Classics does make a cheaper coat also in green (for a much more reasonable $230): RJ Classics Xtreme Collection Grey Label Soft Shell Hunt Coat.

Essex Classics Talent Yarn Shirts

Essex Classics Talent Yarn Shirt

I bought my first Essex Classics Talent Yarn Show Shirt last year because it was on sale… and I fell in love. They are so comfortable and much cooler than any traditional shirt. Plus, no buttons over my boobs… which is much appreciated since that’s about the worst place ever for buttons on well-endowed women. Seriously, WHY DID I NOT GET ONE SOONER?! The only problem is that now I only own one… and I show two days… which means I need more. Preferably with a cute contrast pattern like wine glasses or ice cream. Because on the inside, I’m a 5 year old.

EquiFuse Products

All the EquiFuse Products

I’m vain. Let’s just get that out of the way. I want my horse to be beautiful, and I want everyone to comment on how pretty he  is, all the time, mmkay? (See previous comment about my inner 5-year-old). Unfortunately I bought the worst horse ever for this neurosis, because Miles has terrible coat genetics. TERRIBLE. So naturally whenever I hear of a new product for my horse’s skin, I want to try it, and the EquiFuse product line is no exception. I’m most interested in the CitraCreme Deep Conditioner and Rehydrinse 1-Step Coat Protector, but I wouldn’t say no to their CitraFoam Shampoo or Shine Perfect Spray. It’s just tough for me to pull the trigger on the big bottles, when I’m not sure how I’ll like them. Perhaps I should treat myself to their Body Pack Sample

Leistner Brushes

Leistner Brushes

Did I mention I like pretty, well-groomed ponies? Because I do. I really, really do. And Aimee’s review of the Leistner Brushes from Teddy’s Tack Trunk got me thinking. Maybe I need a set of fancy, expensive brushes for my thin-skinned, opinionated unicorn with terrible skin. I haven’t bought new brushes in ages (because brushes never really go bad, am I right?) so maybe it’s time to upgrade? I’m upgraded just about everything else, so why not?

the perfect tack stall

Tack Room Organization

This is one of those more practical wishlist items, that actually will probably happen. We have a small group of us that typically go to horse shows, and we’re all cheap, so we only ever get one tack stall… which houses hay, grain, tack and clothes. For everyone. Once you stick 8 bales of hay, grain, and 4 saddle racks in a 10 x 10 temporary stall, there’s not much room to move around. So the BFF and I got to thinking… and we decided we need to be more organized this year. On our list is a whiteboard to organize the schedule, a plastic shelf, a 5-tier saddle rack, and milk crates (for storing/organizing grain). We already own a hanging blanket rack, utility hanger and swivel hook and a muck bucket cart. Does anyone else have any suggestions for organizing a show tack room?


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24 thoughts to “What I’m Craving, Equestrian Edition”

  1. The Leistner’s are a must. Henry is super thin-skinned and crabby too, and they’re fantastic for him. I feel (now, at least) that nice brushes are one of those grown-up things that we all need to buy ourselves eventually. Like nice clothes. Same concept.

  2. I seriously want one of the Essex shirts. My friend wore one to a show last year and I loved the look.
    You can tell it is a high quality shirt. At some point I will own one. Once the vet bills subside.

  3. I’m with you on the green coat! So in love… reading the reviews of the equi-fuse has me really curious about their detangler! Humm… might need to try it 🙂

    Have you tried feeding Miles a fat supplement? I’ve had huge success with chia seeds (it’s basically saved my mom’s older horse- it has a lot of health benefits) and black oil sunflower seeds. You get the right amount of omega 3&6’s and their coats are slick and shiny without the use of shampoos and spray on coat conditioners. You can get Chia seeds at Costco for a very reasonable price and black oil sunflower seeds at any feed store. I’ve had more success with these two over flax and it’s just as cost effective (without having to worry about grounding, cooking, or it losing its nutrients which is an issue with flax)

  4. Haha I’ve continued to show in my Hunter Green coat for years even though it was out of style. This last weekend I got loads of compliments on it and my friend A pointed out to her clients that I’ve had it forever! Equifuse is awesome, Mile definitely wants them (the conditioner is really for tails). I love the wine glass shirts even though I don’t drink wine, I wish they had whiskey tumblers or martini glasses.

  5. Oh man. I’m so sad you probably won’t fit into my old green hunt coat. It’s an old wool Elite, so decent quality but not a softshell, and also from my college years, so not plus size. Still, wish it could find it’s way back into the show ring. I’d show in it for dressage, but it just goes with nothing but my horse. Maybe I’ll take it foxhunting at some point…

  6. Why do you think I still have Gina? It’s because people compliment me on how pretty she is (and how luxurious her tail is). 😛 I totally get it. And maybe I need to buy some EquiFuse.

  7. Thank god for wish lists. They *almost* satisfy my shopping desires by adding everything I want to them instead of a cart.

  8. I’m REALLY slow to jump on new trends. And I’m still heavily resisting all things softshell. I do however love green jackets and was super excited that they made a comeback. I got the RJ Classic essential collection green coat. It may actually be washable? I’m not sure. But it’s a more traditional fabric. LOVE!
    Also love the essex shirts. I grabbed a few when Tack of the Day had them cheap not too long ago. But I am dying for the wine bottle version! Have you seen the RJ ones? I have one with flamingos, super cute!
    As for tack rooms, I love those types of saddle racks in your photo. You could also do it yourself pretty easily. I have some hanging blanket bars for the traveling tack room, and lots of hooks, but my most useful item? A spool of clothesline. You can tie to a screw eye or nail at each corner of a wall and instantly have a place to hang rub rags, wet saddle pads, etc.

  9. I have a never ending wishlist. I am always adding items to it in hopes that some day they will land in my lap. But the EquiFuse? It needs to be off the wishlist and into your lap right now.

  10. I like the you call it “craving.” That’s a good word for it. I am craving a brown hunt coat, and more bonnets, and more colored breeches. 🙂 Also, I heard a rumor that Horseware might be coming out with a green competition coat in the fall….

  11. Never heard of those brushes, but I am now intrigued. I just bought an RJ Classics green hunt coat and wore it to my last show with the best horse show groupie . I think mine’s a little different and I got a deep discount thanks to the Mary’s annual tent sale. IT IS SO COOL! And when I say cool, I mean breathable. I honestly felt like I wasn’t wearing a jacket. I still need to let the hem on the sleeves down a bit, but the fit was so much nicer than my old wood jacket and I even sniffed the pits after the 80-degree weather to see if I needed to wash. They weren’t bad and even if they were, it wouldn’t matter because it’s machine washable! We live in an amazing era of equestrian innovation.
    P.S. I love my Essex shirt. I think you and I have the same one (blue inside).

  12. I am an equifuse dealer and I can tell you it’s worth the money as I used it prior to opening my business. My go to grooming product that goes with me to every show!!

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