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Visa State Fair Win Pic

I’ll Always Miss You

Four years gone, yet on this day it seems time stops for me. I remember your blaze, and the way your ears curved in at the top. I remember the light in your eyes when you saw jumps set in the arena. I remember the first crossrail we jumped after your injury and how I’d never felt happiness so complete before. I remember your choppy little trot, but your smooth canter. I remember the feel of your ride, different than any other. I remember the freedom, the courage and the pride you instilled in me. But most of all, I remember your heart and all that you gave to a teenage girl. I’ll always miss you, Visa.

Visa State Fair Win Pic

Visa and Roxy

Tracy, Sammi, Visa and Roxy

Visa at Chagrin 2007

Visa Jumping

Visa at Chagrin

Visa at Chagrin Profile

Visa Canter at Chagrin

Visa Winning at Up and Over

Visa Jump at Geauga County Fair 2006

Visa at County Fair

Visa Geauga County Fair 2009

Hugging Visa

visa at delaware showtime




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17 thoughts to “I’ll Always Miss You”

  1. It’s crazy how deep these horses dig into our hearts (especially the chestnut ones!).

    “But most of all, I remember your heart and all that you gave to a teenage girl.” Exactly how I felt about Mr. P back then and even today when I’m no longer a teenager! Some horses are just extra special. <3

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