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I Love My New Saddle

This weekend was filled with ponies and riding. And it’s been a long time since I could say that! I rode three days in a row (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) and Miles was awesome every time out. Friday was a short hack with friends; I got to ride with N for the first time since her hip surgery, and it felt awesome to be back riding with her. We took it easy, but I did pop over a small 2′ vertical a few times and Miles was stellar. I saw a long distance at one point, asked him to lengthen for it and BAM it was just right there.
Saturday I just flatted but did some ground poles to keep things interesting. I haven’t worked much on lateral movement with Miles since I bought him, but in this new saddle he’s totally game. See our beautiful leg yield to hit that ground pole? AWESOME!

Sunday was another short and sweet ride, but I did a few small 2′ verticals again. At the end of our ride Miles really stretched down and moved out; he felt like a million bucks! I just feel so comfortable and secure in the Prestige Meredith that no matter what we’re doing it feels great. I’m so excited to have my happy, fun hunter pony back!!

Aside from our wonderful rides, I’ve been continuing our grooming routine to try to keep Miles’s coat look somewhat respectable and clear up his blanket rubs. I’ve been using MTG with mixed success, so if anyone has a hidden secret, please share! I’ve also been working on clearing up some deep sulcus thrush Miles has, especially in his front feet. I started using some iodine soaked cotton balls which seem to be helping significantly, so stay tuned for updates on that front!

Coming up I’m going to share my other equestrian outings from this weekend, and Miles has a lesson scheduled for Thursday. Hooray!


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19 thoughts on “I Love My New Saddle

    1. It’s the saddle, I’m telling you! It’s like all of a sudden I can really sink my weight down and carry myself in my legs. It’s amazing!!

  1. The best way to fix blanket rubs is to buy a Rambo…lol. I haven’t had a rub since I switched long ago. Anyways, what we always used in the past was diaper rash ointment and of course the silly horse bras.
    If you decide you want to try something else for the thrush, cow mastitis ointment works great. I usually buy “Tomorrow” brand.

  2. What a cutie! Ithinkthe only thing to help blanket rubs is spring and no blankets! The spandex bra thingies help.

  3. You can try rubbing vitamin E oil into the hairless areas. It can build up and get messy if you don’t wash the area every other day, but it does help. It also clears up infections too! I normally just take the large vitamin E gels, snip the end off of them, and squeeze out the insides 🙂

  4. I have always lusted after Prestige saddles, you’re not making it any better! I am so glad you like it, I think I’ll end up with one someday.

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