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How to Survive the Barn in the Bitter Cold

How to Survive the Barn in the Bitter Cold

Central Ohio is on track today to set a new record for February 19th: the lowest “high” temperature since the 1880’s… a balmy 3 degrees. So last night I trekked out to the barn after work to see the ponykins to 1) let him know I’m still alive and 2) put on his blanket liner. By the time I got there, the temperature was 10 degrees, before factoring in the wind chill. So how does one survive a visit to the barn in the bitter cold?

Step 1: Check weather forecast obsessively for hours leading up to departure.

Optional Step 1a: Cry

weather forecast
Today’s weather forecast: WIDESPREAD SUCKAGE

Step 2: Bundle up. Add more layers. Contemplate if two pairs of gloves will really be enough.

Step 3: Warm up your car, blast the heat and pray that the road are better than they were this morning.

woman in winter blundled up

Step 4: Arrive at barn, drop off SmartPaks in the office. Consider parking in the lot where you’re supposed to, but think better of the idea and drive directly up to the barn door instead.

Step 5: Run, without slipping on the ice, into the barn. Turn on the lights and proceed directly to the heated tack room.

falling penguin gif
Accurate representation of real life events.

Step 6: Leave a check on the table for the chiropractor who is scheduled to come out later in the week. Grab blanket liner and stuff your pockets full of cookies.

Step 7: Walk quickly to your horse’s stall, and act hurt when he doesn’t recognize you. I know I haven’t been to see you in 7 days but… how could he forget me so fast?!

My Mom is Cold Horse Blanket Cartoon

Step 8: Bring pony out of his stall, quickly add his blanket liner to his pile of clothes.

Step 9: Stuff pony full of cookies, rubbing his forelock and promise that you’ll go riding again soon.

Miles Cookie Face

Step 10: Return pony to his stall with extra hay, because food is the way to his heart.

Step 11: Kiss pony noses as you [quickly] retreat back to the car.

Step 12: Blast the heat and pat yourself on the back for managing to be outside for 15 entire minutes. Go you!

you go glenn coco gif


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24 thoughts to “How to Survive the Barn in the Bitter Cold”

  1. So, I’ve stopped “changing into” barn clothes … now I just put barn clothes over top of work clothes! I’ve come to the conclusion of “whatever works!”

  2. Hahaha! Yep! Pretty much! I rode on Monday night, but I think that’s the last ride until Friday. I did take the huskies for a walk this morning in the -5*. They complained it was too cold. Then they saw a bird. Apparently birds make it warmer outside. FYI.

  3. This cold is really hurting my riding schedule! You know it’s bad when I decide if it’s above 8F I’ll ride. I’m still at the barn every day taking care of the ponies regardless. It’s honestly not too bad once you have two pairs of pants and socks, 2 shirts, one light jacket, one winter coat, head band, and gloves on with dublin boots. 🙂

  4. I’m so grumpy with this cold! To walk to campus this morning I had on running tights and snow pants and three layers up top. Still wasn’t warm enough….

    My only consolation is that Dassah-mare couldn’t care less if she sees me. (it hurts deep). However, it’s supposed to be in the high 30s this weekend so Saturday and Sunday, here I come!

  5. I feel so horrible for you all over there. Hopefully spring will have sprung and all that crap will go away and you can spend time riding and not adding layers!

  6. Burrr. . . as much as I can’t stand the lack of green in SoCal, the traffic congestion, and lack of glorious pastureland for my horse, the weather here is pretty nice. I feel for your situation. I lived bitter cold weather for 28 years. #Chicago #WindyCity Hang in there!

  7. Ha, excellent survival tips!
    I suppose I shouldn’t moan living in the UK as we don’t get “extremes” however it’s been a pretty cold year so far! Roll on Spring! xx

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