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What You Know vs What You Feel

How Do You Know?

Life is busy, busy, busy which is why the blog has been fairly silent lately. BF is in finals mode, which leaves me to play “housewife” which I’m not too great at, judging by the state of our [very empty] fridge and [totally wrecked] apartment. Add to that working full-time, taking care of the dog and trying to ride means I’m one busy lady. But I’m also doing a lot of soul-searching, which is the reason for this post today. I’ve found myself in a bit of a situation, potentially a very good situation, but I’m just not sure what to do. So I’m reaching out to those of you more knowledgeable and experienced than I: How did you know when it was the right time to buy another horse? How did you know the horse you chose was the right one?

I’m not totally in the market to buy a horse at the moment [I was planning on horse shopping in about six to eight months], but I can’t resist searching the internet. It started as looking at dream horses that I’ll never be able to afford, but over the last few months I’ve started looking at more realistic options. Which, of course, led to finding a horse that really piqued my interest. After talking it over with some friends, I decided to go out and try him… and I liked him [of course], so I convinced Trainer to come out and see him too. We all agree that there are no red flags and that this horse could be what I’m looking for… but how do you really ever know unless the horse is already doing exactly what I want to do?

Potential Horse - Jerry

But realistically, I’m not sure that my budget will accommodate all the must haves plus a horse that’s ready to show tomorrow. So maybe this horse, who needs a bit of work, is my best option. But how do I know? I’m very fortunate to be in a position where I have horses to ride and show right now, just neither are exactly what I want. Of course there’s always leasing, but it just isn’t the same; you know the horse isn’t your own and the connection just doesn’t develop as much. But maybe I’m just being stupid, young and naive. Should I really let go of those opportunities I have for a horse that may or may not work out?

Everyone has said the risk is my own. Which while definitely true, really isn’t helping me make any decisions. And honestly at this point, might be the scariest thing of all.


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8 thoughts to “How Do You Know?”

    1. That’s how I thought I would feel. I usually get a “gut” feeling, and on this, I really didn’t. I think that’s a sign in and of itself.

  1. I think waiting for the perfect horse is like waiting for the perfect man – he’s not out there. There are, however, lots of really terrific guys that can become the perfect man with a little (sometimes a lot of) work on your part. When we are willing to be patient, communicative, loving, gentle, kind, tolerant, forgiving, and flexible, that terrific guy becomes the perfect man.

    I think horses are very similar. If you find a nice horse, be patient, communicative, loving, gentle, kind, tolerant, forgiving, and flexible and at some point (maybe sooner, but probably later) he will become YOUR perfect horse. Just like human couples, horse and person relationships take time to build and develop. If you can afford him and his care, and you WANT your own horse, you’ll make it happen. If you want everything to be perfect, you’ll never be happy. Just my two cents worth … :0) Good luck!

    1. I definitely agree, especially about the last part:

      “If you want everything to be perfect, you’ll never be happy.”


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