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Horsey Halloween

Between the ages of 5 and 12, Halloween was my favorite holiday. I loved to get dressed up in costumes (my all-time favorite was Princess Jasmine from Aladdin) and get buckets full of candy, followed by stuffing my face so full of chocolate I couldn’t move the next day. After age 12, the whole concept lost its luster until I went to college. Replace candy with beer and you get the idea – I still couldn’t move the next day.
Now that I’m a responsible grown-up (term used loosely), I’ve again become less enamored with dressing up and drinking (or eating) myself into a stupor. Although I do enjoy pictures of all my friend’s kids in their adorable costumes (how can you not squeal a little bit over a 6 month old in a lady bug costume?!), I don’t have any little ones of my own, so yeah – no excitement there.
But what I do have are a dog and a horse. Rocky is not very compliant with clothes, but he does suffer through one night of handing out candy at his grandparent’s house as a One-Eyed Lobster:
Unfortunately, I missed the barn’s Halloween party (damn that bridal expo), so I didn’t get to see how Miles would react to a costume, but I’m pretty confident he wouldn’t give a shit… especially if cookies were involved! And there’s no time like the present to begin planning for next year…
This is pretty adorable… but I don’t think it’s quite right for Miles and I.
Love this one, and I think Miles would make an excellent Dragon. But I’m not sure I’d be the best knight…
Tigger and Pooh! How can you go wrong?
This one would be pretty easy, which is always a bonus… and I could get myself a little safari costume to go with it!
This one is AWESOME. A pinata! And I could wear a sombrero, which is always an excellent choice! 
Which one is your favorite?


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13 thoughts to “Horsey Halloween”

  1. All of those costumes are great! I saw one the other day of a skeleton painted on the dark colored horse and the rider was the headless horseman! I LOVED it! Too bad my pony is a palomino….

  2. My guy is black, I could probably pull off painting him in some way, but if I tried to get near him with anything that flaps? He’d loose his stitches.

    Fav horsey choice? Pinata! Fav of the page? ONE EYED LOBSTER!!! SO stinkin’ cute!

  3. Woah! Those are awesome! Maybe someday I can make a cool costume with my future horse. I had an idea that I would get a Star Trek costume and the horse would get a grey blanket painted like the Enterprise. 🙂

  4. I love dressing up (and drinking myself into a stupor) and I consider myself the most responsible person I know, even more so then my friends with kids. Sad for them, awesome for me 🙂

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