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Preppy Bobby and his Sorority Girls

I Heart New York’s Bobby Magee

This past weekend my husband and I took a road trip to upstate New York to visit my grandma. It was so wonderful to spend time with her (we haven’t seen her in person since our wedding), and unplug from our fast-paced, busy lives. We also learned that Grandma and I are about the same… we both love Riesling, good steaks and seafood and have the same taste in snacks. One of the highlights was realizing that Carly and Bobby (Poor Woman Showing), lives 30 minutes from grandma. I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter where in the country you travel to (Austin, San Francisco or downtown Columbus, Ohio) we ALWAYS find awesome bloggers to meet up with — it’s one of the coolest, most unexpected parts of the equestrian blogging community.

Tracy and Bobby Magee
Totally fangirled over this amazing mule <3

So of course Carly and I hatched a plan to spend Earth Day together. I dragged my husband along and Carly convinced her BFF to join us from Pennsylvania. We met at her house (where Pig was dressed in a skirt and a lai, OMG so cute), and then followed her out to the barn to meet the infamous Bobby Magee. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I felt like I was meeting a true celebrity. Of course Bobby was super chill about all my squealing and petting as we gathered him from the field and get him ready to ride.

I will say, for all that Bobby can have … uhm… serious opinions sometimes, he is the chillest, coolest dude on the ground. He ground tied the ENTIRE time and never moved a foot, even when Carly left the barn to go grab another pony. He didn’t eat his tack, or walk away to find the grain… it was awesome. Carly hopped on first to see which side of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Bobby we’d have that day. Fortunately for me, we found the super chill and easy Bobby 😎  Carly flatted him a bit and popped him over a jump before we shortened the stirrups (a mere four holes) and I clambered aboard.

Tracy and Bobby Trotting

Before I get to how I rode, I have to brag on Carly and Bobby for a minute. Guys, Bobby is a really, REALLY nice horse. I know he can be difficult and non-cooperative sometimes, but he is athletic and very well-trained. His “medium trot” feels like the smallest, collected trot I can get out of Moiya (who is 14.3hh, and Bobby is at least 16.2hh). He has so much extension and power, it’s really an amazing feeling. And his lead changes — OMG. Like butter. I never felt him change once, they were SO SMOOTH. And Carly is one heck of a rider. She makes light of it, and we all have our insecurities and fears, but Bobby can be a very physical ride and she makes it look EASY. I was huffing and puffing after a few laps of trot!

So anyways, on to my riding… which was less than stellar. Bobby is the exact opposite of what I’m used to, and I don’t have much experience with his type of ride. Carly was a huge help in explaining what to do, and we got some really nice moments of trot (at least, I thought they looked good!). Since he was being so good, and I’m working on my guts, we decided to pop him over some fences. And Bobby was a SAINT. He really sees the fences and takes you to them, and I definitely jumped ahead a few times but Bobby DGAF. He just cantered away calmly, no big deal. We finished with a little jumper course and even though it was rough (as in, I sucked at riding and was mostly a semi-steering monkey on Bobby’s back), he was perfect. Chipped in when I asked, and was very polite everywhere.

Then of course, we HAD to dress Bobby up… because you can’t meet Bobby and not put him in a costume. We had tons of fun giggling over our props, making silly faces for the camera and laughing at Bobby. It was pretty awesome to see behind-the-scenes of a Bobby makeover… and I totally wish I lived closer so I could be part of more! SO MUCH FUN.

Preppy Bobby and his Sorority Girls
Preppy Bobby and his Sorority Girls, photo credit to Sam via Carly’s Camera

So thanks Carly, for letting me ride your horse (and probably ruining him), hanging out and sharing the most epic dress-up event of my adult life. Can’t wait to see you again!


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21 thoughts to “I Heart New York’s Bobby Magee”

  1. SO MUCH FUN! I’m so glad Sam got video for you because mine ended up completely out of focus. Stupid camera. You’re welcome to come jump Bobby any time. I like when my horse realizes he can jump things without being a rabid racehorse!

    1. He was super! He had his big boy pants on and was just excellent, despite all of my ammy mistakes. And omg, his LEAD CHANGE. I just can’t even.

  2. He totally dropped his head for the sorority girl squat. Looks like y’all had a lot of fun! Now time to drag some people over to the Eastern Shore for a blogger meet up 😛

  3. You looked great on him! He seemed so happy going around.

    Blogger meet ups are the best. I’ve met people from all over! Next time I see you maybe we’ll get to meet eachothers horses haha.

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