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Rocky and Kona

Heart Dogs

Lauren at She Moved to Texas started an informal blog hop about the other four-legged furbabies we all love: our dogs. I didn’t grow up with dogs, in fact, I grew up with cats. But I’ve always loved dogs (well, animals in general really) and my husband did grow up with dogs. So when we struck out on our own, it was a no-brainer to bring a little ball of fluff into our lives.

Usually, I’m a planner. I like to have everything picked out and follow my routine… but both of our dogs have sort of been impulse purchases. That’s not to say we hadn’t talked about getting a dog (or a second dog) for a while… but the actual moment when we became ‘parents’ happened quickly both times.

Rocky Roo Racoon

Rocky: The Best Dog Ever

Sam and I agreed that we wanted to get our first puppy when we moved into our apartment… but Rocky came into our lives 5 months before that. We had a long list of must-haves for our first dog, and this little puppy fit every single thing: non-shedding and hypoallergenic, small, excellent temperament, easy-going and cute as could be. Rocky was the easiest puppy ever: he was potty-trained in two weeks, learns tricks in 10 minutes flat and is generally super easy-going. He never chews (only ate one slipper as a puppy),┬áis happy to go on a two mile walk or lay on the couch all day long, and knows the driving routes to all of his favorite places my heart (and if you go a different way, he tells you).


He’s very opinionated and very smart — I always get the distinct impression that he understands much more of my conversations with him than other dogs typically do. Rocky turns 7 this May, and he’s been the absolute perfect first dog for me. I never knew just how easy he was until…

Kona's First Haircut

Kona: My Heart

I’d wanted a second dog for some time and knew exactly what I wanted, but my husband was hesitant. We ended up buying Kona on Facebook at 11pm while we were in New York for my grandmother’s funeral. She is, without a doubt, the happiest dog I’ve ever known. In fact, she pretty much has two moods: blissfully happy and nervous (about new things). I’ve never seen her sad or mad, and she just wants to be with her people. She’s not quite as smart or as easy as Rocky, but she makes up for it in youthful exuberance that has warmed up our home and brought life back to our daily routines.


Kona is the sweetest dog, and as she grows, the more I’ve come to love and deeply appreciate her happy personality. Kona will be 1 year old at the end of July and in many ways it feels like she’s been part of our family all along.


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  1. Cute little fluff balls you’ve got! It’s funny how dogs’ personalities can vary SO MUCH between them.

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