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Happy Things Blog Hop: Favorite Noms

It’s no secret that I’m a girl who loves to eat, which means this latest Happy Things Blog Hop: Favorite Noms by She Moved To Texas is right up my alley. If I’m being honest, there’s not many foods that I don’t like [with the strange exception of sweet potatoes], but my favorites are definitely and without question cheese, pasta, pina coladas and wine. If I had to design my own food pyramid it would probably look like this:

FOO Food Pyramid

So what’s my favorite food? Uhm… I can only pick one?! Okay fine… if it has to be one: Macaroni and Cheese. Seriously ya’ll, this stuff is amazing. I’ll eat it out of a box, off the kid’s menu at Applebee’s or order it as my side dish from Hyde Park; I’ll eat this stuff any way I can get it. It’s so simple, macaroni and cheese is just genius.

At horse shows, I tend to stay away from the food trucks that inevitably show up. Where I’m at they don’t always look very clean or tasty so I’m always relying on my DH to pack the cooler full of tasty snacks like grapes, cheese and crackers, etc. I also love to splurge on breakfast from Tim Hortons on horse show weekends. Don’t ask me why, but there’s just something about an ice cap with a bacon egg and cheese bagel that feels right.


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11 thoughts to “Happy Things Blog Hop: Favorite Noms”

  1. WHAT you guys have Tim Hortons? Not fair, I don’t think California even has one. I think Bacon takes up a huge part of my food pyramid, if you ever come to California I’ll take you to some really shishi mac and cheese places.

  2. We might be related. I could live soley off of cheese and pasta. Or just Mac and cheese. And out of the box is totally underrated!

  3. This is why you and I are the same person: my food pyramid looks exactly like yours! And ALL the mac and cheese, ALL the time…except for Kraft, that sh*t is gross 😉

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