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Happy Birthday Miles

Happy 10th Birthday Miles!

It’s official: we’re into double digits! Today is Miles’ 10th birthday. I’m going to the grocery store to pick up some carrots and apples, then to the feed mill to grab his favorite alfalfa pellets. Hopefully the weather holds and we can enjoy a trail ride this evening too — basically all of his favorite things. So happy birthday to my big red <3 Here’s to many, many more.

And in honor of his birthday, 10 of my favorite photos of Miles throughout my time with him:

Miles wearing Pinnacle Bridle
September 2014: Engagement photos at the barn, featuring big red
June 2014, our first show season together
New Vocations Hunter Jumper Show Miles 2-6 Single
July 2014: My first 2’6″ class ever
Miles Mugging the Camera after a Round
June 2015, always smiling together
Miles Winter 2015
January 2016: When the wheels started to fall off, but still the cutest
Miles Fancy Trot Showtime at Willow Way June 2016
June 2016: We survived by the skin of our teeth, but damn that trot is nice!
Miles oxer at Willow Way June 2016 by J Winslow Photography
July 2016: Getting our sh*t together
Miles and Romeo New Vocations 2016
July 2016: Reserve Champion to my BFF!
miles round canter at 2016 showtime
October 2016: Showing in the big Ring I and looking like rockstars
Love for my Champion Thoroughbred, Miles
March 2017: When we somehow turned the worst year ever into the best year ever <3


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