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Genny and Miles

A Gift Horse Meets Fly On Over

I had a busy, but amazing weekend and it all started on Friday when Genny from A Gift Horse came to visit! I’ve said it before, but one of the best and most unexpected perks of becoming an equestrian blogger has been this welcoming, supportive community. Getting to meet bloggers from all across the country is such a cool experience, and I never pass up an opportunity to do a meet and greet. So when Genny messaged me on Facebook a few months ago to let me know she was going to be in town, I jumped on it!

Genny and I bonded online when we were both going through some tough times with our horses this winter, so I was pretty excited to finally get to meet up in person. After her plane landed, she came directly over to my house, where the conversation started and never ended! Seriously, Genny and I hit it off right away with a joke about how our home color palettes are exactly the same. Great minds think alike, no? And after that, the good times rolled!

A Gift Horse and Fly On Over

We changed into riding gear and headed to the barn, where Genny got to meet Miles and Moiya. I was thrilled that my spare helmet and pair of tall boots fit Genny great, so she didn’t even need to attempt to travel with riding gear. +1 for tack hoarding! We groomed Miles and headed to the outdoor arena, where I hopped on just to see how Miles was feeling and stretch his legs out. He always feels better after you warm him up a bit, and I wanted Genny to have a great ride.

After that, she hopped right aboard and looked awesome. Miles was actually more “up” and “spooky” than he normally, which is to say he kept his head up a bit more and looked around at stuff… and occasionally slowed down too much. Genny handled it all in stride, doing some walk, trot and canter, looking like she’d been riding Miles all her life. Seriously guys, she does not do her riding justice on her blog. She complains about being “floppy” (which, would be totally understandable considering she just had a baby 6 months ago and sold her horse), but she’s not. Not at all. She figured out Miles really quickly, and got him going great.

Genny and Miles
I’m really sucking in the media department lately. SORRY.

After riding in the arena, we went on a short trail walk — the bugs were kind of bad so we didn’t go far, but Miles is good about going out on his own, and there is just so much to the barn’s property you can’t see from the barns and arenas. So we did a quick jaunt down a big hill and back up, which was a lot of fun. After stuffing ponies full of treats (no really, they got a whole bag of carrots), we grabbed some food and chatted about all the things — work, life, ponies, babies. I’m pretty sure Genny hit the road a bit later than she’d hoped because we could not stop chatting (sorry Genny!).

All in all, another wildly successful blogger meet up and another friend I hope to have to for life. Thanks  for visiting Genny!


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18 thoughts to “A Gift Horse Meets Fly On Over”

    1. haha yes we need this! Austen, Emma and I were discussing recently about how I really had no idea they weren’t murderers when I first met them. Definitely would have gotten slashed. But now I can verify that neither Austen nor Emma has attempted to murder me. Yet…

  1. Sounds like so much fun!! I love meeting other bloggers and fully support L’s idea of a spreadsheet because I also love spreadsheets and not being murdered.

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