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4th annual equestrian blogger gift exchange

Gift Exchange Update: Take Advantage of Black Friday

So. Since I am the worst at planning and ya’ll keep me honest (THANK YOU), I’m adding an “early” section to our regularly scheduled Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange.

WTF are you talking about, Tracy?!

Anyone who sends in their info by Tuesday, November 22nd will be matched early. I’ll send out a first round of emails announcing secret santas on Wednesday, so that those who want to take advantage of Black Friday deals, or order something personalized that might take longer, can do so.

For everyone else like me who is definitely not that on top of things, you still have until Wednesday, December 7th to participate, and a second round of emails will go out on Friday, December 9th.

I swear to you, I really do try to remember ya’lls awesome suggestions from year to year, and in 2017 I’ll try to get this up even earlier. But… you might still hound me about it because that is a long way off… no promises I’ll remember, heh.  🙂


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10 thoughts to “Gift Exchange Update: Take Advantage of Black Friday”

  1. You mean everyone doesn’t march immediately over to their email to type out their gift exchange details immediately upon your first post going live?!? Craziness haha!!

    Seriously tho – thanks! I’m so excited to participate!!

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