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Gift Exchange Reminder

Don’t forget to send out our gifts for the Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange this week! I know a few of you have already done so, and I can’t wait to read about all the gifts everyone receives. I bought mine today, so hopefully it will arrive sometime this week!!

Anyways, here in fly over country the weather has sucked. Majorly. With high temps in the low 20s, I honestly haven’t gotten in much riding. In fact, I rode last Monday in a lesson, and then not again until Saturday… in another lesson. Bad horse mom!

I left my house extra early, and thank goodness I did! Even though the temp was a balmy 32 degrees and it was pouring down rain, somehow the horses all got turned out. Poor Miles was soaking wet, but luckily thatΒ new SmartPak blanket I bought kept him mostly dry, except for his head and neck. He wasn’t shivering, and I was able to get him mostly dry with some towels.

Our lesson was pretty much a continuation of the last few lessons: we focused on pace and Miles was very, very well behaved… especially considering his lack of riding time. We started out with an ajustability exercise. Trainer set out two ground poles and we cantered them at our medium pace, counted the strides (I got 6) and then came around and did the poles again, this time adding another side (7 strides for me).

We struggled a bit, mostly because I haven’t been practicing that and I felt like I was focused too much on getting the right distance to the poles, like I would for a jump. I also felt like I was looking down at the ground poles throughout the exercise, which is something I’ve been trying hard not to do. So that was kind of frustrating.

But as soon as we moved on to jumping, things were much better. We only jumped singles, but one was an oxer and I’m happy to say that our work over these wider jumps is starting to pay off. The only time I was nervous about the oxer was the first time it was set at 2’3″, but I just raised my eye, looked beyond the jump and of course Miles sailed right over.

Sunday I played jump crew for my friend N and her horse, Romeo. She’s going into surgery today for her hip, and she’ll be on crutches for about six weeks. No riding (especially jumping) for quite some time, so I’ve “adopted” Romeo for a while and you’ll get double the chestnut gelding photos! If you have some jingles and good vibes to send her way today, I’d sure appreciate it!

N and Romeo doing what they do best!Β 


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11 thoughts to “Gift Exchange Reminder”

  1. Fun!

    I’m hoping my gift get there on time. It isn’t available for delivery until the 18th so it might be a little close but hopefully it will be worth the wait when it finally gets there!

  2. I don’t have a good local source for horse-related stuff (Unless I drive about an hour to the tack shop I still haven’t actually visited), so I’m all about the online shopping! So, I’m waiting for stuffs to arrive at my house (by Wednesday, perhaps?) so that I can mail out the gift exchange peices to their appropriate recipient! πŸ˜‰
    It has been fun as Christmas stuff arrives in the mail and my husband never knows if any of it is gifts for him. He is so good about not snooping the packages that arrive, too!
    So fun!!

  3. I just ordered mine today too! I am so excited! I was super pleased to find out the person I got is only an hour away from me!!!! I am looking forward to getting to know them!!!

  4. Sending good thoughts and prayers for your friends surgery!

    I bought my present Monday and it went out Tuesday last week! Excitedly waiting for the post about it πŸ™‚ And my present to come in the mail!

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