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Miles being cute in the crossties

Get in Gear

Ya’ll, it’s almost February! Which means next month is March when I can start to see the light at the end of winter. And then… horse show season! Okay, okay so around here the summer show season doesn’t start until May, which is still three months away, but it’s getting closer and closer. Plus, a girl can dream, right? I really want to come out swinging this year and enjoy a full season of shows at 2’6″. I’ve been dreaming of showing in this division for years… and now it’s time for me to enjoy it! In that vein, Miles and I really do need to start gearing up — our fitness is lacking, our timing is a little bit off and we’re just overall out of showing shape.

Miles Trotting

But we’re already working toward fixing all of that. I’m committed to doing more in our flat rides and not just poking around the arena — ground poles have become my new best friends. And the work is starting to pay off a little bit… but if our lesson last night was any indication, we still have a ways to go. While we feel really solid on the flat and our canter transitions are rock solid now, our jumping efforts left something to be desired.

Miles Regal Hunter Pose

For almost the entire lesson Miles and I struggled to flow. We chipped in, I landed in a heap and Miles lagged behind my leg. While I really appreciate Miles’s amazing ability to jump around despite his rider fucking everything up [thank you Saint Miles!!] it makes me really mad at myself. I’ve seriously let myself go and I have no one to blame but myself. I just need to ride more! So we spent the lesson not worrying about the details and focusing on the big picture: raise your eye, add leg and stretch up. After a few rounds of this, Miles and I began to click again… enough so that I finished jumping 2’3″-2’6″.

Moral of the story? It’s time to get our butts in gear!


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17 thoughts on “Get in Gear

  1. Flow is super hard!! I have super hideous days on Moezilla where every jump is either launching from two miles away or chipping in right on top of it- and I’ve had 12 years of practice jumping with him haha!!

    Way to stay positive and work to get better instead of getting discouraged and doing something silly, like stress eating all the cheeseburgers on your way home from the barn! Not that I’ve ever done that… … -_-

  2. Our show season starts about the same time and I am worried because I haven’t been able to ride my beast since November 7th! Don’t worry, you will get there and kick some serious ass. I know it!

  3. I am SOOOOOO in touch with this post! I HATE this month! My rides have been so limited because of the cold. You’re the second person today to remind me that show season is only 3 months away! Gah!!!! I’m hoping to take my lease horse to a Ranch show the first weekend in May…. OMG so much work to do! 🙂

  4. Haha I count down to show season the same way too! And Feb is a short month so it’s like it’s even closer to being here!!! I think I have jump literally twice all winter so I need to seriously get in gear too!

  5. It always takes some time for me to get back to where I left off when it comes to jumping when I’ve had a long break. We don’t do hardly any jumping over the winter at all so as soon as the weather starts getting nice we’ll be at it again but those first few jump schools always make me feel like a rusty sack of potatoes.

  6. good luck!! something about riding in an indoor arena 100% of the time messes with both rider and horse, imo – so it seems like the perfect opportunity to scale back and refine the details. you’ll be ready for total domination once the season starts in earnest!!!

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