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Friday Five: Equestrian Rings

Friday Five: Equestrian Rings

You’ve seen my favorite bracelets, and my favorite belts; so let’s talk equestrian-style rings today. I wear three rings every day of my life: my wedding ring, a plain silver snaffle bit ring and a sparkly belt buckle ring that I got the first year I worked at Quarter Horse Congress. I’ve worn them all for so long that I can’t take them off because I feel naked without them… and because I have ridiculously horrible tan lines. Obviously I’m not going to be changing up my wedding ring with every outfit I wear, but I would like some more variety for my other fingers [isn’t that the theme of this entire series anyways?]. So I picked out my favorite equestrian-inspired jewelry for my digits:

#1 Infinite Luck Equestrian Ring

$199 from Luvinspired Jewelry

I’m hitting it hard right out of the gate with my splurge item this week. While it’s super pricey for a bit of metal on my finger, I have to admit that I absolutely adore the design of this ring! It comes in 925 sterling silver, but can be ordered in 10k or 14k Gold, Rose Gold or White Gold. While I usually am more of a silver metal girl, I actually really like this ring in gold — so classy an elegant I just had to have it on my list.

#2 Snaffle Bit Equestrian Ring

$28 from BaubleBar

A twist on the classic snaffle bit ring, I loved the modern take on this staple piece of equestrian jewelry. I already have a more traditional snaffle bit ring, but for this price I wouldn’t mind having two! This ring also comes in either silver or gold, so of course that got a big thumbs up from this girl. Variety is the spice of life!

#3 Offset Horseshoe Equestrian Ring

$74.95 from

I used to have a horseshoe ring that I wore religiously, but it was cheap and stained my fingers green [gross]. I’d love to replace it with something a bit more grown-up and classy. I think this particular piece fits the bill spectacularly! Designed by Kelly Herd, this ring is more interesting than just a horseshoe attached to ring, and really speaks to the designer in me. It’s a little bit expensive for just a ring, but if I’m going for a more high-class look, it’s probably going to come with a more high-class price tag too… and this time I’m okay with it.

#4 Rose Gold Fox Equestrian Ring

$9 on

Okay, so this one isn’t really equestrian-inspired specifically, but it does have a “fox hunting” theme that I think is cool; like an ode to hunter/jumpers in the old days. Plus, you have to admit it is pretty cute and you can’t beat the price! So I apologize to all of you who ride anything other than hunter/jumper, because this ring probably doesn’t appeal to you whatsoever… but I just couldn’t help myself!

#5 Horseshoe Nail Heart Equestrian Ring

$67.95 from

During my searches for equestrian-themed rings, I came across a lot of designs that were all very similar including horseshoe nails. At first, I was like “okay, these are kind of ugly.” I didn’t see a single one I liked, until I came across this one. In case your sensing a reoccurring motif of “modern twist on a classic idea” you’re really spot on, and so is this ring! A very feminine heart, with a few of a girl’s best friends [diamonds] all wrapped up in a horseshoe nail. Beautiful!

Do you wear rings everyday?

Friday Five: Equestrian Rings


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14 thoughts to “Friday Five: Equestrian Rings”

  1. I’ve been digging all the Infinite Love stuff from LuvInspired, they’re just a touch beyond my price range for jewelry. If I’m being totally honest with myself, I don’t even wear jewelry really. But it’s preeettttyyy…

  2. Nosed my way over from the comments you kindly left on my blog.
    I shall back track & try to catch up some on your blog-venture. I love discovering new reading material & I love love love the rings in this post. Particularly the bit & fox and like you I prefer silver over gold – although I would make an exception for rose gold and of course white gold & platinum 😉

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