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Equestrian Bracelets: Fly On Over's Five Favorites

Friday Five: Equestrian Bracelets

Recently I’ve been obsessed with adding some equestrian flair to my everyday life. Unfortunately my husband vetoed the idea of wallpapering our living room using all the rosette ribbons I’ve won, so I’m on to plan B: scouring the internet for some horsey details I can use all the time. I’ve looked at t-shirts, iPhone cases, socks and shoes, but I’ve really been digging the jewelry. So today I’m going to share some of my favorite accents: equestrian bracelets.

At work, I need to wear a watch… mostly because I lose track of time easily. But when I’m outside of work, I don’t want to obsessively look at my wrist. But now I feel naked without something there. Oh, what’s a girl to do?! Buy bracelets, naturally! Here’s a few of my favorites so far:

#1 Sterling Silver Horseshoe Equestrian Bracelet

$34 on

Simple and classy, I love this bracelet because it’s exactly my style. I’m not big on glitz or large chunky jewelry… plus I’m not that great at matching. Silver goes with everything, and this bracelet is simple enough that it adds just a touch of something extra, without overwhelming the rest of my accessories.

#2 Blue Leather Snaffle Bit Equestrian Bracelet

$40 on

You can’t think of an equestrian-inspired bracelet without thinking snaffle bit. And there a million different variations of this one out there. But this particular version caught my eye because it’s colorful and the clasp is fancy. It almost looks like it could be from a high-end designer like Gucci or Hermes, but it doesn’t have the price tag to go with the brand name!

#3 Classic Leather and Gold Stirrup Equestrian Bracelet

$21.95 on

Looking for something a bit more earthy? This bracelet is perfect and it’s easy on the pocketbook. Every girl needs some gold in her life!

#4 Flat Braided Horse Hair Equestrian Bracelet

$46 on

I’m not a huge fan of horse hair jewelry, but this design caught my eye because it’s different. The braid itself is really pretty and the width really shows off what’s important.

#5 Nameplate Split Leather Equestrian Bracelet

$39.95 on

Classic and iconic, every equine enthusiast should have at least one nameplate bracelet. I like this one because it’s a big bigger and has more detail than just the nameplate. It would be perfect for when you’re at the barn, or helping out at a horse show.

Which equestrian bracelet is your favorite?
Equestrian Bracelets: Fly On Over's Five Favorites


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17 thoughts to “Friday Five: Equestrian Bracelets”

  1. I have a nameplate bracelet and I wear it sometimes. When Ink dies, I might have his tail turned into something. I can’t decide. I’ve had him for 24 years so I try not to think too hard about this eventuality, but he IS 33.

  2. I actually own the wider ‘cuff’ version of your #3. It is FABULOUS! The leather is real leather – I say that because so many of the leather items I’ve gotten off etsy are not very soft and supple. But this bracelet is! It smells like leather and is super comfy to wear. I also have her card holder with snaffle on the front. FAB!

    I’m obsessed with bracelets, so great post 🙂

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