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Friday Five Equestrian Belts

Friday Five: Equestrian Belts

Last week we talked bracelets for equestrian aficionados. This week, I want to hear all about your favorite equestrian belts. I wear belts all the time: with dress pants to work, with jeans to the movies and with breeches to the barn, I’ve always got one on. Right now, my entire arsenal of belts includes three options (1) plain brown belt (2) brown spur clasp belt and (3) plain black belt [and I bet you can guess exactly when I wear each one]. What I’m saying is, I need more belts because all of mine are woefully functional and absolutely no fun at all. And what’s the point in accessorizing if I’m not having any fun?! So without further ado, here are my top equestrian belts for all occasions.

#1 Figure 8 Leather Equestrian Belt

$85 from

I cannot express to you the absolute joy I experienced when I first saw this belt [or maybe I can because you’re probably having similar thoughts right now]. This gem of a belt is so ingenious, I fell in love immediately. It’s different, yet still classy and so uniquely equestrian; I’ve never seen anything like it. It comes in a few different color combinations, but of course I like the plain brown ones.

#2 Fence Gate Equestrian Belt

$195 from

Even though this belt isn’t on the cheap side, I just had to include it. Simple, classy and elegant this brown buffalo leather belt promises to be butter soft from the moment you first put it on, and would be perfect to dress up your jeans for a night out, or even for helping out around the horse show.

#3 Snaffle Bit Graphic Equestrian Belt

$18 from

This super affordable cotton/poly equestrian belt comes in a plethora of colors and designs from Mango Bay on This grey/navy snaffle design happens to be my personal favorite, but honestly you can’t go wrong with any of the options available. Plus, at $18 each, you can afford multiples to match all of your schooling and show outfits!

#4 Jump Equestrian Belt

$248 from Deux Chevaux

I know, I know I broke the bank with this one. But I had to have one belt on here that was splurge-worthy, and this one totally is. With either 14 karat gold satin or silver rhodium available for the buckle, this belt has the added bonus of being reversible… with five different leather color choices! Additional sayings include “Pony”, “Luck” and “Ride”.

#5 Horse Hair Inlay Equestrian Belt

$195 from

As I’ve said before, I’m not the biggest horse hair jewelry fan. But I do have a tail I’d like to do something with, and I absolutely love these belts. The horse hair is laid into the belt itself, and you can opt for not only various leather color combinations, but you can also add nameplates too. I saw these belts in person at Rolex this year, and they are nice. The materials were high-quality, and the owner was very nice and offered to do any type of custom order I could think of.

Friday Five Equestrian Belts



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17 thoughts to “Friday Five: Equestrian Belts”

  1. I’ve been lusting after #1 but promised myself to lose inches off my waistline before indulging. And I’ve always loved #4, but the price always keeps me away.

  2. I love #1, but I have this weird infatuation with figure eights. Yes, I realize that is a bad infatuation for a dressage rider to have. They’re all really nice though.

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