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FOO Chronicles: Blaze

I know you’re all dying to hear about Miles and whether or not he was the good twin or the evil twin last night, but you’ll have to wait until Friday. Sad panda. In the meantime, enjoy pictures of small, cute me (with horrible hunter hair) and adorable horses.

We did some schooling shows at home together, but never made it off the farm. Unfortunately my most vivid memory of Blaze is a bad one. A very bad fall I took off him, to be exact.
Blaze was lazy, so I always carried a crop when I rode him. But nobody told me exactly how to use it… just that I should carry it. So I was practicing picking up the canter in a lesson one day, but Blaze didn’t really feel like going faster than a trot. So the barn owner told me to use my crop.
So I did.
But I never took my hand off the rein. So you can imagine the scene that occurred: I’m hauling back on Blaze’s mouth (because I have short arms) whacking him with a stick and kicking with all my might. It was this moment that I learned if a horse can’t go forward or backward, he goes up.
Straight up in the air.

The offending orange crop

I remember being so surprised I couldn’t even react. That is, until I felt momentum going backwards. That’s right folks, Blaze flipped over backwards. Luckily I was able to jump off to the side and didn’t get crushed as 1000 pounds of horse crashed to the ground. I was fine, shaken up for sure, but no serious injuries. Blaze was also fine – got right back up and never took a lame step.

Who the fuck let me out of the barn with my hair looking like that and wearing a maroon sweater UNDER my show coat?! My inner hunter princess just fainted. 

That fall was the one and only time I didn’t get right back on the horse; the barn owner wouldn’t let me because she was worried I had a concussion. I didn’t – never had any symptoms or anything.

That day I learned a lot of valuable lessons, not all of which I realized at the time, unfortunately.
  1. Always wear a helmet
  2. Never use equipment you aren’t sure how to operate properly
  3. A good instructor is worth their weight in gold

Unfortunately, that’s not the most traumatic fall I’ve ever taken. You get to read that one in the next edition of FOO Chronicles!

What a beautiful rain coat…but at least there are pretty ribbons!


Anyone else sending a theme of chestnut quarter horse geldings with chrome?
Om nom nom nom… third place ribbons taste the best! 


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  1. Yikes! that is scary but glad you nor Blaze were hurt! Very cute pictures! I think it is fun to look back at what was at one time perfectly normal things to wear and laugh. I’m a child of the 80s though so maybe we just have more things to laugh about, ha ha!

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