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2016 Blogger Meet Up Map

Fly On Over Blogger Meet-Ups

I say this all the time, but one of the best things about being an equestrian blogger is the amazing community. I’ve made a lot of friends from all around the country (and the world!) through blogging, and I’ve had the distinct pleasure of meeting a few in person too. Every time I meet a new blogger, it’s like we’ve been friends forever — the conversation never lags, time flies by and I find myself thinking oh my gosh, how is time to go already?!

Up to now, I’ve met 13 bloggers, and pretty much every single time I go somewhere, I end up meeting someone. And pretty much any time someone comes into my neck of the woods, we meet up. I love it! A few more local bloggers I’ve hung out with more than once, and I have to admit there’s a few that live fairly close that I’ve never met (I’m look at you Monica and X!) But all in all, it’s been a wonderful experience to meet so many amazing people through blogging.

2016 Blogger Meet Up Map

Each year, I’ve met at least three bloggers since 2014. I started seriously blogging in 2013, so that’s not a bad record! In 2014, the first blogger I ever met was Jess from Riding Rainbow. She moved to the area for a short-term job, and we had quite the time barn hopping a few times. Then in April I went to Rolex for my bachelorette party, and it was the first time I ever met Kristen from Stampy and the Brain, and Hillary from Equestrian At Hart. Both lovely ladies have since been in the area more than once and we’ve met up. Finally, to round out my year I met Mary from Simply Horse Crazy at Quarter Horse Congress.

jess and miles
Jess — the first blogger to ever meet Miles!

The following year, 2015, started off with a bang when I traveled to Austin for vacation in January and met Lauren from She Moved to Texas — and rode the infamous #nerdhorse! In March I tagged along on my husband’s business trip to San Francisco and met the amazing L from Viva Carlos. My show season started in May, and at the time Emily from The Exquisite Equine lived in the area, so she met us at a horse show! And then in August, Jen from Wyvern Oaks drove all the way from Texas with Brego and Paddy for a joust at the Ohio State Fair <3

Tracy cantering Simon
That time I visited She Moved to Texas in Austin! Photo by Lauren Mauldin.

So far though, 2016 was my banner year for blogger meet-ups. In April I visited my grandmother in upstate New York and met Carly from Poor Woman Showing who let me ride Bobby Magee, and I crossed “participate in epic Bobby photoshoot” off my bucket list. A few months later in June, Genny from A Gift Horse was in town on business and she got to ride Miles when he was “wild” in the outdoor! In September I once again tagged along on one of hubby’s business trips to Boston and met Terisé from Breeches and Boat Shoes! The year rounded out with meeting Beka from The Owls Approve while we were on vacation in Savannah, Georgia.

Preppy Bobby and his Sorority Girls
Amazing photoshoot with Carly and Bobby!!

And finally, 2017 started off right with a blogger meet-up in late January! I met Siobhan from Alberta, Canada when she was in town on… you guessed it — business! So if you’re ever in Columbus, Ohio let me know so we can meet up!



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15 thoughts to “Fly On Over Blogger Meet-Ups”

  1. CRAP, you’ve met like everyone! I am dying to meet Bobby and Carly TBH. And its an actual tragedy we ar eliek 45 min apart and never met. Lets change this!

    1. I know. It’s truly awful — we need to meet up!! Keep me updated on your show schedule (especially the ones coming up!) and I’ll try to come down and cheer you on!

  2. How awesome is meeting all those bloggers! I have only met one from back when I was blogging regularly… Thinking of dusting off the blog and getting back into it. I miss the connections! I try and come down to Congress every year – missed 2016 though sadly!

  3. This blogging community is so fantastic – I feel so lucky to call some of the bloggers I’ve met true friends. And there are so many more I wish I could meet!!! Come on down to Baltimore / DC one of these days tho – there are a ton of us around here!!!

  4. So when are you coming out to Orange County? You could meet at least 3-4 of us in SoCal. And there’s always Disneyland. And if you don’t like Disneyland, there’s always Laguna. And if you don’t like Laguna, there’s always the mountains. And so on and so forth.

    I think there’s been talk of a blogger meet up this November at Breeders’ Cup in Del Mar. I have two empty guestrooms. Just sayin’.

  5. This is amazing! You’ve met so many bloggers! I had my first meet up this year when I got to meet up with Devon at WEF. I hope for many more in the future! You better look me up if you’re ever in Connecticut!

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