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Favorite Equestrian Facebook Pages

I’ve talked about my social media darling of the moment Instagram already, so I thought I’d give my all-time favorite channel some love too. Even though Facebook has been there, done that and tried again, I still love it. It’s great for keeping in touch with family and friends, following your favorite stores and brands and even getting a quick laugh from one of those satirical ecards. And of course, most of my Facebook feed is filled with updates from my favorite equestrians, tack stores and national brands. It’s hard to narrow down my list, but here’s are my Favorite Equestrian Facebook pages:

Equestrian Facebook Groups

One of the features that makes Facebook unique from any other social media outlet are Groups. I belong to about a billion equestrian-related Facebook Groups for everything from blogging to hunter/jumper to tack for sale. But my hands-down favorite equestrian Facebook Group is High End English Tack. Why, you ask? Because I love to buy tack, especially nice tack. But my bank account doesn’t support brand new everything all the time… so I rely on used items to flesh out my tack trunk. High End English Tack is a group that specifically sells quality products and is super active all the time. If you post an “in search of” question, you will get responses immediately, I promise. Plus, you can use the search feature to look through older posts too. Very handy and great for the discerning bargain shopper.

My second favorite group is specifically for connecting with other equestrian bloggers… which is something I love to do. I’ve become really good friends with some fellow bloggers, and it’s opened a lot of doors for me. Blogging from the Barn provides a great resource to get help, answer questions or just meet some new people. I highly recommend you check it out!

High End English Tack Facebook Page Blogging from the Barn

Tack Stores, Products & Brands

Following your local tack store on Facebook has its advantages. My local shop, Equus Now, runs contests all the time for gift cards, coupons and free stuff that are exclusive to Facebook. Sometimes they even run in-house contests and announce the winners there; plus, I get a sneak peek of their new stock and they help remind me when big sales are coming up.

Similarly, many products and brands have their own Facebook pages now too and offering discounts and free product regularly. It should be no surprise that one of my favorites is SmartPak. Not only do they post giveaways and discounts, but they also share their blog posts and recap some of the biggest  equestrian events. SmartPak always shares great photos and videos, which always keeps their news feed interesting.

Equus Now Facebook Page SmartPak Facebook Page

Equestrian News & Organizations

While I don’t really consider Facebook to be a super-reliable news source, I do like to follow my favorite equestrian news outlets like Chronicle of the Horse. They post tons of pictures, including older vintage photos which I personally find really interesting. Of course, seeing their most recent articles on my Facebook news feed also helps keep me up to date on the general goings-on of the equestrian world at large, which is important to me.

The other thing Facebook pages are great for is following your favorite organizations and associations. My local show circuit updates their Facebook page with schedule changes, which is super helpful for up to the minute news when I’m not at the show grounds. I also like to support local equestrian charities like New Vocations Racehorse Adoption. They’re always updating their Facebook Page with pictures of horses available for adoption and they take ridiculously cute and adorable photos all the time.

COTH Facebook Page New Vocations Facebook Page


I don’t follow a ton of bloggers on Facebook, mostly because I don’t think many in our little community have them. But I absolutely love the ones I do follow! She Moved to Texas has a great Facebook page that she uses to share recent blog posts, photos of Simon from her Instagram and occasionally revives an old favorite for #ThrowbackThursday.

My other favorite blogger Facebook page is Jitterbug from Chronicle of the Horse. In case you’re not familiar, Jitterbug is a draft cross who blogs for COTH in her spare time, and discusses the training and adventures of her human. It’s really quite entertaining and very well-written. Jitterbug is always good for a laugh, which is just one of the many things I love about her!

She Moved To Texas Facebook Page Jitterbug Facebook Page

What are your favorite equestrian Facebook pages?


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19 thoughts to “Favorite Equestrian Facebook Pages”

  1. Love this! I’m a FB addict, so I’m always happy to find new pages to waste time on!

    I have a FB page for my blog, but it hardly has any followers and I always forget to update it. I’ve got to get better about that! I should probably also change its name to my blog’s name instead of my horse’s name so people could actually find it. I’m not the best at marketing!

  2. Thanks!!! I’m a new blogger, and have been hoping to find some fellow horsey bloggers to connect with. Stumbled across this post and so glad I did! Off to find you on FB! 🙂

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