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After our awesome rides on Saturday, Trainer and I decided to keep the plan the same for Sunday. I woke up early and lunged my pony. Luckily, our lunge session was much shorter and only lasted about 15 minutes; Miles was tired and so was I. The show moved a bit more speedily on Sunday, so I ended up showing late morning. For our warm-up trip, I wanted to try to keep our pace from yesterday and do the strides correctly.

Unfortunately, I didn’t take into account just how tired Miles and I were during our second warm-up round. My eye just wasn’t great, and I struggled to find distances. This led to chipping into the first jump and RUNNING to get out of the line in five strides. I came out of the warm-up disappointed, but determined to add leg and raise my eye for our third hunter trip.

But… I didn’t. Well, I tried to but my strength and energy just weren’t there. So my third hunter trip looked a lot like my warm-up: scattered and uneven. I was so mad at myself after that round, I took a second to walk by myself and cool off. I was riding like shit, and not helping my horse, who was being a saint. That for me is the worst feeling.

So my trainer and I regrouped, and decided to go back to the add stride for our fourth and final hunter round. And it was definitely the correct decision; I was able to see my distances and help Miles when I needed to. We were both much more relaxed and consistent and overall a much prettier picture.

Our final class was the under saddle. After walking around the ring for probably 10 minutes waiting, during which Miles got progressively more and more antsy, we pulled our shit together for a great flat ride. Miles really framed up and moved out at the trot, and was nice and even at the canter. He didn’t even get grumpy when we got boxed in! We ended up 6th out of 10, which I wasn’t super pleased with, but that’s hunters. Either way Miles was excellent and couldn’t have gone any better, so I was quite pleased!

In the end, we placed in every single class we entered, with a 7th and 8th over fences on Sunday. After such a trying schooling, we bounced back better than I could have hoped! I am so proud of both myself and Miles for recovering, and I learned a heck of a lot for next time.

Speaking of next time… we decided to add a show in late June to the schedule! It will be at the same venue, and will be my very first time showing at the “A” rated level. I’m pretty excited, and mildly hoping that I get to braid, because I know Miles would look like a STUD in hunter braids.


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10 thoughts on “Exhausted

  1. Woot woot! And also, braids! They look so nice… And at least for shows, I think it’s an always thing 🙂

  2. Definitely braid!! Sometimes I think the shorter shows are harder on us and our horses then the longer ones. You guys did great coming out of the gate just petered out a bit, and next time will be even better!

  3. Man, you had a rough weekend. Way to hang in there and stick it out. So impressed by how you handled it all – thanks for being real and sharing the good, the bad, and the ugly. Looking forward to reading about prepping and showing at the “A” show!

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