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Miles Grazing Oct 2014

Exciting Adventures

Miles and I have had some exciting times recently. Most of my readers will probably laugh, as our “big adventures” aren’t really that big or adventurous, but this time of year there’s just not that much going on. In good news, however, the weather here in Fly Over Country has been absolutely phenomenal and I’ve been enjoying every bit of it. Miles and I have been riding outside as much as possible and we continued that trend on Sunday. I planned to work on transitions, so I geared up with my roller ball spursΒ and away we went. For some reason, about once a year, I struggle with the right lead canterΒ — I can’t ask for it correctly to save my life. It’s super annoying and frustrating to have trouble with something so basic and I waffle between working on it diligently [and pissing Miles off] and ignoring it. But on Sunday, everything finally clicked in my big, thick skull again! We got right lead canter transitions from the walk down centerline like a boss — exciting adventure #1 for us.

Sam riding Miles

I only rode for about 15 minutes, so when I hopped off… I convinced Sam, my darling husband, to hop on [for exciting adventure #2!]. He’s only ridden Miles once before, but he’d like to learn to ride at least somewhat competently, so we’re slowly working toward that. Overall, Sam did wonderfully;he mounted much more smoothly and we worked on steering with a ground pole at the walk. I was a proud momma seeing my two of my favorite boys working together.

Miles Bareback Ride Oct 2014
Wait… something’s missing here…

Yesterday the weather was unseasonably warm (75 degrees and sunny!), so I headed out to the barn right after work to soak in the Vitamin D. I was feeling a bit lazy so I decided to ride bareback. If you recall, I’ve only ridden Miles bareback once before, so it was kind of a big deal for me. Again, we rode outside and Miles was fantastic. In fact, he was being so good that I cantered bareback for the first time ever [exciting adventure #3]!! Miles was so good and I didn’t fall off — I was grinning from ear to ear! After that, I found my courage and walked around the ring in the grass bareback to “cool off,” and checked another item off the “I’ve Never Done That” list: riding outside the arena bareback [exciting adventure #4].

Unfortunately I was by myself, so there’s no photographic evidence… which I guess means I’ll just have to do it again! We celebrated with a bath — the last of the year. Miles was not thrilled, but tolerated the spa treatment and then we grazed for half an hour to dry.


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14 thoughts on “Exciting Adventures

  1. I remember when I cantered bareback for the first time (and it was only May of last year) how big the smile on my face was. For a lot of other bloggers who rode as kids, that kind of milestone has long passed for them. But as an adult only rider, it’s a pretty big deal. Congrats on all your adventures. When you look back on the year, they will stack up nicely πŸ™‚

    1. I rode as a kid, but I was so into showing that I didn’t do a lot of the random stuff [like bareback rides!] that others seem to have done. But it sure is fun to play catch up now! Haha

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