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Equibox Equestrian Review by

Product Review: Equibox Equestrian

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post containing affiliate links. In exchange for writing a review, I received free product. No other financial compensation was exchanged. All opinions are my own. For more information, read my disclosure policy.

Equibox Equestrian LogoProduct Details

Equibox Bridle Charm and Helmet Monogram
Retail Price: $12 for bridle charm; $8 for helmet monogram
What I Paid: $0
Purchased: June 2015

Equibox Equestrian Review

Bridle charms and monograms are all the rage right now… and it seems like there are a ton of places to order them from. Up until now, I’d been on the fence about helmet monograms and bridle charms. But when the owner of Equibox Equestrian approached me, I couldn’t say no to a friend. Of course, it really helped that Mallory had designed the perfect bridle charm for us (seriously, her Fly High charm is perfect for Fly On Over)! So I eagerly awaited my package from Canada and it arrived within a few days. I tore the package open so fast I completely forgot to take pictures… sorry!

Equibox Bridle Charm

The bridle charm is exquisite — that’s truly the best word to describe it. The craftsmanship is fantastic, and the attention to detail on the wing is stunning. And it’s oh, so small and cute — perfect for my hunter princess sensibilities. I immediately put it on Miles’s bridle and it just looks perfect; like it was meant to be there all along. Miles can be pretty particular about things around his face (he doesn’t really like fly masks or ear bonnet), so I was a little worried about how he’d react to this charm bouncing around. But the bridle charm is so light, I don’t think he even knows it’s there! And in the last month, the durability has been top-notch. There’s no scrapes or chipping off the colored bead and the metal wing looks absolutely brand new.

Overall, I love this bridle charm. It’s unlike anything else I’ve seen on the market, it’s the perfect size and the quality is to die for!

Equibox Fly High Bridle Charm

Next up was the helmet monogram. Equibox has a million different designs and colors, so I was able to select a size, design and color to fit my personal style. Once it arrived, I was thrilled with my choice. It matches the design of all my other monograms, plus I’m pretty particular about the shape of letters and these were perfect. After the initial wonder of how gorgeous the product was wore off, I have to admit, I got a little nervous to put it on. See, I wanted to put it on my IRH, which is velvet (not my plastic Samshield) and I am not crafty at all. So I worried: would it work? Would I struggle? Would it even stay on? So I procrastinated a little bit… but I finally bit the bullet and did it. Equibox Equestrian sent detailed instructions, and I’m so grateful that they did — it took all my anxiety away as I read just how easy it was. Literally all I had to do was peel one side of the backing off, press it on, and peel the other side off.

Equibox Helmet Monogram

I held my breath and looked… IT IS PERFECT. Smaller than most, yes, but exactly the understated personal touch I was looking for. And it’s held up for the last month with no issues whatsoever; no peeling, no fading, nothing.

Equibox Equestrian Review

The Recommendation

Equibox Equestrian is the real deal. If you’re looking for high-quality, custom products made by a store that values customer service above all else, this store is for you. Their products are well made, unique and the application (if needed) is foolproof. I honestly cannot say enough to express how truly impressed I am with Equibox. I love my bridle charm, it suits me so perfectly, and the monogram is just my style. And trust me, it’s not always easy to please this hunter princess.

Equibox Equestrian Review by

Equibox Equestrian

Equibox Equestrian









          Customer Service


            The Good

            • Beautiful Craftsmanship
            • Unique Designs
            • Tons of Custom Options
            • Amazing Customer Service

            The Bad

            • I Didn't Think of It First!


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