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Equestrian Social Media Link Up

Over the last few weeks I’ve taken some time to talk about my favorite equestrian social media channels. I’ve explained why I love Twitter, shared the best Instagram accounts, discussed Pinterest and told you who I follow on Facebook. While there are definitely social media channels I’m not as intimately involved in like Tumblr, Google+ and YouTube, I hope you learned a little bit and found some new ways to get your equine fix online. And while following brands, national chains and small businesses provides coupons, product previews and endless entertainment, my favorite equestrians to follow on social media are you: my fellow bloggers! So do me a favor and publish your equestrian social media channels, and then link up below! I’d love to follow more of you, whether it’s your personal account [if you’d like to share!] or accounts for your blog.

Fly On Over’s Equestrian Social Media Accounts

Equestrian Social Media Linkup:

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Fly On Over is an equestrian lifestyle blog devoted to connecting horse lovers around the world. By providing equestrians with practical tips and tricks related to horse ownership, discussing training techniques for horse and rider, as well as covering industry news.

19 thoughts to “Equestrian Social Media Link Up”

          1. OMG, Pinterest is like heroin to me…because I discovered it has (a) amazing art and (b) tons of TB history. As a crazy visually oriented person & art addict…so many awesome things. Plus, holy crap, I searched “how to build with pallets.” Now I can’t stop…

  1. Yeeaaaah. I do facebook and instagram and most of my facebook is just cross posts from instagram. I have a youtube, but it’s not really social as much as “hosting occasional media for the blog”.

  2. I made a twitter account for my blog….then never touched it. I can’t bring myself to make any other media for it either – too much work that I don’t really care about haha. But serious props to you!

  3. Nice way to incorporate the network — Kristen has a great list on the FB group “Blogging From The Barn,” which you all should join if you haven’t, she does a fantastic job!

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