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Equestrian Artwork

Ever since Miles started feeling not quite right [all the way back on July 5] I’ve obviously been spending less time in the saddle, which means I’m not at the barn for hours on end and thus leaves me time to *gasp* do other things. It’s really a tremendous notion. I mean, what do normal non-horseback riding people do in the evenings and on weekends? I can only eat so much sushi and watch so many TV shows on Netflix before I get an itch to get up off my butt and get something done. And I’m not talking about being motivated to do chores around the house and run errands; I’ve been getting the itch to do fun stuff. So since Hubby and I resigned our apartment lease for another year, I thought I’d spruce the place up and change some of our decor. We’ve been in the place for almost four years, so I think a change of scenery is well over-due.

I’m not going to bore you with all the details about how I bought a new shower curtain and moved a lamp in living room, but one thing I did do [that I know you’ll like] is design some new artwork. Sure, I bought a few pieces from and, but wall decor gets expensive fast and I’m not looking to break the bank here. So I decided to make a few pieces of my own that turned out quite well, if I do say so myself. But once I was done, I still had all this creative mojo going on… so I kept designing. Lo and behold I created a set of four equestrian artwork pieces that I thought I’d share with all of you, au gratis. I tried to include a few different disciplines in my equestrian artwork designing endeavor, so hopefully there’s something for at least a few of you. Each equestrian artwork piece is design in black and white, size 10″ x 8″, but if you’re really in love and want them in a color, just send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

Personally, I think they’d look so cute with a black frame, maybe as a set with a few photos of you and your horse. I could see them in an office [especially a barn office] or even in the tack room, if you like to decorate in there. Anyways, I hope you enjoy! To download, click the blue button below the design you like best. A PDF will pop-up [or download, I’m not sure which since I’ve never done this before], and voila!

Hunter Jumper Equestrian Artwork Thumbnail

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Eventer Dressage Equestrian Artwork Thumbnail

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18 thoughts to “Equestrian Artwork”

  1. They are gorgeous!
    I particularly like the first image of the four together – I will deff be coming to you for design ideas when i move into my new flat next year! Hopefully you won’t mind my picking your brain…

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