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DIY Fly Bonnet Pattern

DIY Fly Bonnet Pattern

Winter is hanging on by a thread and I’ve officially got cabin fever. Let’s face it, there’s only so much housework I can stand at once and I’ve run out of TV show marathons on Netflix. So what’s a girl to do when the temperatures remain below zero for days on end? I got crafty… or rather, Betty’s Customs got crafty and I’m here to tell you all about it.

While I dreamed of warmer weather and show season, Betty’s Customs got to crocheting a DIY fly bonnet pattern for ya’ll! Let’s face it, De La Coeur ear bonnets are amazing. Even though I’m not a jumper and have absolutely no reason to put Miles in a fly bonnet, I love them. But spending $200+ on a “just for fun” item isn’t in the budget. Enter Betty’s Customs: my mom knows how to crochet and she’s really quite crafty. So we put our heads together and collaborated to come up with an easy pattern that even novice crocheters could follow.

Romeo in Bettys Customs Fly Bonnet
Mr Hott Stuff models a DIY Fly Bonnet made using our pattern!

We used Miles and his barnmates as models, and we’ve perfected a pattern with oversize, regular and cob size options to suit a variety of horses. The pattern, which is a digital PDF file, is now available on my store, The Printable Pony, for purchase. So if you’re as bored as I am waiting for summer, get out your yarn and needle and get to crafting!

DIY Fly Bonnet Pattern


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19 thoughts to “DIY Fly Bonnet Pattern”

  1. Does your mom have an etsy shop yet? Because let’s just say that I’m not the best with the crafting. Hot glue is pretty much the extent of my skill set.

    1. I personally think crochet is easier than knitting. You should totally use this as an excuse to learn crochet. And youtube videos will help.

  2. I wish someone would post a video on YouTube on how to make one. I know how to crochet, but when they use all of their fancy crochet talk, that’s when I don’t understand it!

  3. Nice pattern, but I think you should add a gauge guide– how many stitches per inch and how many rows per inch. That would help in determining choice of hook and size.

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