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Cute Puppy Pictures

So I promised pictures of my puppy, Rocky, being adorable in exchange for winning the SMTT Equestrian Blogger March Madness Semi-Final Round I. And we did! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me, and to say thank you, you’re not only going to get cute pictures, but the full Story of Rocky.

My fiancée, Sam, grew up with dogs; I grew up with cats. When we decided to move in together, Sam really, really wanted a dog… and who was I to argue? Unfortunately, Sam is allergic to short-haired dogs, so that limited our doggie options pretty quickly. I preferred to go to the pound and adopt, but our requirements (non-shedding, small, easy to train) made me worried that we wouldn’t find what we were looking for.

At the time, we had moved in with Sam’s mom for a few months while we were in between apartments, and she has five dogs, so I figured we would just wait until we got our apartment. At the time, I was working for the Ohio Quarter Horse Association, and each July they host an AQHA Regional show. So of course, I was working and into the office one day walks a lady with two adorable Havanese puppies. She put them on the counter and one was running around, sniffing everyone and the other laid down and went to sleep.

The day we picked up Rocky!

I instantly fell in love with the sleepy puppy, named Grommitt (of Wallace and Grommitt fame because the dad’s name was Wallace). But the breeder was asking a lot of money for the puppies, and I just couldn’t justify it. There are so many dogs in shelters that need good homes, I felt like I didn’t need to spend a bunch of money to buy one. But I left the breeder my name and number anyways, and told her to call if she had any trouble selling them.



Two weeks later I got the call. The breeder still had a few puppies left and really needed to sell them. She told me to make an offer. I totally low-balled her, figuring we would meet in the middle, but she accepted! A few days later Sam and I drove up to her house and picked up Grommitt, who we promptly renamed Rocky (his show name is Rocky Roo Raccoon, because every respectable animal has to have a barn name, a show name and as many nicknames as possible).


And we’ve had Rocky ever since — just about four years now. He’s an awesome dog; super easy-going, loves to cuddle and smart. We potty-trained him in two weeks, he chewed exactly one slipper and one lamp cord and that’s it. We go on long walks, he sleeps in until noon on weekends and he responds to “Where’s the Baby?” but not to “Where’s the Dog?”

Rocky loves the wind!
Rocky and his girlfriend, Polly


Who me?
Oh hai
Snowtime Roo!
It’s too deep! HELP!
Chillin with Dad
Who disturbs my slumber?
Demonstrating one of his favorite tricks


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