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Tredstep Medici

Custom Tall Boots

I’ve been struggling to find tall boots for quite some time. I can’t seem to find the magical balance between fit and durability — either the boots fit and they break quickly, or they don’t fit but last forever. I talked about my hatred of tall boots late last summer, and since then my feelings haven’t changed. But now I’m finally in a position to do something about it (huzzah!).

Ariat Challenge Boots
Beautiful, but it’s hard to ride when you can’t feel your feet

Since my last post, I’ve tried just about every brand and model of tall boots I could get my hands on. I went to three different tack stores to try on every boot they had in stock. Here’s my current list:

  • Ariat: Heritages don’t fit, Challenges make my feet go numb, Monaco’s don’t fit
  • DeNiro: Didn’t fit off the rack
  • Der Dau: Didn’t fit off the rack
  • Mountain Horse:  Didn’t fit
  • Parlanti: Don’t come in my size off the rack
  • Tredstep: Donatello’s fit, but are bulky in the ankle, Medici’s broke after 6 months

It’s pretty frustrating that since my calf is wide that I can’t really find a good fit, because otherwise I’m pretty much average (size 8.5-9 foot and regular height). On the advice of many who commented on my previous post, I got my Tredstep Medici’s repaired, but unfortunately that also didn’t go smoothly. The boots are fixed and wearable, and while you don’t notice the defects from afar and I could definitely show in them, I don’t feel confident in them. I’m sure this is just my hunter princess coming to the surface, but I like to look and feel like a million bucks when I go into the show ring. I was fully prepared to show in them this year anyways, but thanks to my amazing husband, I’m now looking into some custom tall boots!

Takeoff at New Vocations 2016
Also pretty boots, but only lasted six months 🙁

But… I’ve never looked into this before. I don’t go to any big shows where there are lots of reps, and the closest tack store that measures is 2.5 hours north, and they only offer Tucci. I’m nervous to measure myself and order, based on some of the horror stories I’ve heard. I’m pretty open in terms of brand: Vogul and Tucci are near the top of my list, but I’ve also thought about La Mundial and Eiki. So I’m coming to blogland to hear your experiences and ask your advice!

What brand(s) do you like? Where did you order, how was the process and what was the price range?


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23 thoughts to “Custom Tall Boots”

  1. I’ve not heard great things longevity-wise about Eiki, and most of the ones I’ve seen leave a bit to be desired in the fit department. For a few hundred more I think you can do better. I haven’t seen anything from Vogel in a while so can’t comment on them. Have heard a mixed bag about the customer service at La Mundial. Granted, you can find good and bad about pretty much every boot company. 😉 My two favorite custom brands are Tucci and DeNiro, but I think the most important thing is having a good rep to work with. Definitely find a shop relatively local that can measure you and take some responsibility for that side of things, since you’re hard to fit, even if it means making a bit of a drive. You want to set yourself up for success with the fit, and you want someone else that can take responsibility for getting them fixed if they DON’T fit.

    1. You and I are totally on the same wave length. I don’t want to deal with a huge rigmarole if the boots come and don’t fit right. I haven’t seen anything lately from Vogul either, so I’m thinking they might not have the style I want, since I like the more modern look.

    1. This is on my list of options… I’m just not sure I want to wait that long! Ideally I’d have the boots and have time to break them in prior to my first show at the end of May…

  2. I’ve had a great experience with La Mundial 3 times now (and Amateur at Large had a good experience with them with her fab green boots). I would also consider doing a brand that Peony got hers done by, you would need to measure yourself, but she got hers done cheaper than La Mundials and they were perfect too. Fama Lusitano was the company.

    1. I know a few bloggers have been really happy with their experience and product from La Mundial, but others haven’t, which makes me nervous :-/

  3. I love my vogels I found used! I got super lucky bc I have the opposite problem with needing them tall/slim calf but with a slim ankle too. They seem thicker than my Ariat boots. I wear my ariats for every day riding and my vogels for showing. I’m thinking vogels will run close to what parlantis go when you have to add length/ width. Good luck!

  4. I have custom Vogels from 1998 that are still in excellent condition, however I think the fit generally of custom tall boots has changed since what was in style in 1998. DeNiro quality is excellent, although I don’t have a custom pair, and I think they maybe slightly more economical that Tuccis but possibly less durable, too.

  5. Several (I can think of 3 off the top of my head) people at my barn have ordered custom DeNiros from my local tack shop. One had an issue with the style (not fit) and the tack shop went back and had it fixed no problem. In the meantime she got an extra pair of boots out of the deal since she needed some to show in. There is another tack shop north of me that also does various brands of custom boots that is reputable as well so I’d recommend either plus any excuse to get you to visit!

    Equus now doesn’t handle any custom brands? After my La Mundial experience I would never order directly from a boot company again. I’d only order through a trusted tack shop who will go to work for you if the item isn’t right. I would also only pay using a credit card so I could have another leverage option.

    1. Equus Now offers custom Parlanti’s, but to my knowledge they’ve only done a couple orders like that (read like 5). But coming up to a place near you is definitely a possibility!

  6. The only thing I will say is, don’t go anywhere near LM. I think L Williams is the only person on this planet that has had a pleasant experience with that company. Otherwise, it’s been nothing but horror stories, including my fellow barn mates and former trainers.

  7. I can’t speak to durability yet since my just arrived, but La Mundial has absolutely earned me back as a customer. I agree with the above about the horror stories as I was definitely in that circle, but they have provided an explanation which seems to be true, and they are trying VERY hard to clear their name and rebuild their customers’ trust.
    I always had Vogels as a junior and the start of my ammy career. You can’t beat them in durability, but they really only do the older traditional style boot. I’ve also heard that the original Mr Vogel isn’t as involved anymore and the don’t fit like they used to.
    I think Parlanti’s are really nice. Mine are off the rack (Extra tall and extra wide for me) with the elastic in the back, and they are lovely. They were a beast to break in though. And again, I can’t speak to durability because I only wear them to show and I haven’t gotten to much since I bought them.
    De Niro’s look beautiful and have tons of options. I have zero experience with them though.
    You may want to look into Caballo brand boots. I bought the half chaps and paddock boots recently and their ridiculous they’re so nice. Again, I have no experience with the tall boots, but they seem to come in every possible size and shape. Might be a hassle if they don’t fit though as you have to get them from overseas. I’m linking you below to my favorite tall boot of theirs (which I am not buying because I have too many boots!)

  8. I still love love love my Eiki boots. If you want to order through a rep, I know there’s one in Cali you could probably talk to (Equ Lifestyle Boutique I think?) but as far as measuring goes, the process was pretty easy with the help of Joseph. They broke in easy, they’re beautiful, and they’ve lasted quite well thus far with no signs that there will be issues with longevity. And the price and turn around really can’t be beat.

  9. So I got some custom boots from a smaller company in Spain! They are really nicely priced and look great. They’re having a sale right now! 320 Euros fully custom with all the trim and leather choices possible. Shipping is about 70 euros I think, but you should take a look! I measured myself with their measuring guide and they fit great.

    If you’re interested I can email you some photos of my custom boots. 😉

  10. I’ve been mulling over new boots for awhile too, but my tredsteps just won’t quit! (which is good) You’ll have to keep us in the loop as you go thru the process.

  11. While my workplace most often sells dressage boots, we also occasionally do custom field boots for H/J riders. We sell Konigs ( which are German-made and well liked by professional and amateur riders alike. They’re not cheap, but they come basically any way you imagine. (I’ve seen navy boots with tan ostrich-leather tops, black patent boots with someone’s initials in crystals at the top, black boots with chestnut crocodile-leather tops- you name it.) Our pro riders that use them report that they’re durable and comfortable, and we have customers who have had pairs last for years while riding multiple horses every day. The Konigs take 8-12 weeks to come in from Germany.

    The Ego7 boots someone mentioned above come in a TON of sizes, so if you don’t want to wait on a custom, you can definitely look and see if those come in a size that will work for you! (I feel your pain, as I have a wide calf, too!)

    1. While maybe not as popular of a brand in the hunter/jumper world, I’ve always heard good things about Konigs too… but there isn’t a rep anywhere near me, sadly.

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