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Miles being a Ham for the camera


You’re probably tired of hearing about how awesome Miles is and how great our lessons have been lately… but I can’t help it! I really think that after our last horse show, we’ve just clicked. Something has changed for us — our bond has grown stronger, we know each other better and we’re both in a pretty happy place with riding. Sure, the weather gets us both down and sometimes we don’t start out our rides with big grins on our faces, but by the end, we’re on the same page and it just feels good.Β 


My group lesson last night started out slow, which is typical for Miles and I; it seems we need a bit of time to get going indoors. Thus, our first mini-course of three jumps lacked energy and pace, so our distances suffered. I chipped in to fence one and two and finally got a long spot to fence three. Ugh! But with each course, we improved. I asked for more and more canterΒ each time, and our distances got better. I kept my eye up, leg on and really told Miles: “Yes, we’re jumping this fence!” I was also happy to note that our turns were on point — we practiced a few tighter turns and didn’t have trouble with any of them. +1 for all the suppling exercises I’ve been doing on the flat.

Finally on our last course, everything clicked. I picked the right moment to ask for the canter transition and all my time spent asking for more pace paid off. We cantered boldly to the first fence and I kept my eye up, leg on for a great distance. After that, it all just flowed. I stretched up through the turns, and looked for distances way in advance. I didn’t always see them from very far away, but it did help me make a decision. And once I made it, even if I needed to move up, Miles was happy to oblige. Steady back a bit? Sure, mom. Go now? Heck yes!! It just felt so damn good. The course finished with a jump off the wall and Miles even threw in a flying lead change for me afterwards, which tells me he was happy, that we had the correct pace and that I was balanced.

Miles being a Ham for the camera

I left the lesson on cloud nine, with a big grin on my face. I just love it when we click.


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  1. sounds like a great ride!! some horses need a course (or two or three) to really warm up and get on pace… good for you for being patient yet persistent πŸ™‚

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