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Christmas Loot

For me, the holidays is about more than just receiving a bunch of gifts from everyone I know. It’s really an excuse to get time off work and spend it visiting family and eating lots of good food. My favorite part of the holidays though is watching everyone open the gifts I bought them, and seeing their reaction.

My favorite this year was my Mom. The three of us kids sent her on an adventure, following ribbon draped throughout the entire house, to find her final Christmas present. It was pretty funny! You can watch the entire video here, if you really want. (Spoiler: her present was a 2500 piece Lord of the Rings Lego set)

I’m also starting to really enjoy seeing the presents my “children” (Rocky and Miles) receive. And let me tell you, my family made sure Miles’ first Christmas with us was one to remember! I think out of everyone he got the most presents:
  • Oster ClipMasters
  • Custom Quarter Sheet
  • Custom Shoulder Guard
  • Ear Bonnet in barn colors
  • Nameplates x5 and Halter Tag
  • 2 lbs of Peppermints
Custom shoulder guard because he was getting rubs from his blanket… and he has a baby neck so store-bought doesn’t fit. Of course!


Custom ear bonnet in Brookside colors: Yellow, Navy and Hunter Green!


Custom, reversible Quarter Sheet!
What did your pony get for Christmas this year? 


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17 thoughts to “Christmas Loot”

  1. Wow! Made out like a bandit! Huey gets a new saddle, vet care, and some likits. Admittedly the saddle is more for me than him but he’ll benefit!

    Love the quarter sheet. You’ll have to tell us what you think of the clippers 🙂

  2. We got a new stock tie, Roeckle Show Gloves, the Embrazio Curva belt (super cool), a fox hunting note pad, a no foot no horse coffee mug from my farrier, and tools to help me lay out my dressage court more efficiently. Santa was good to me. :0)

  3. WOW he made out great!!!

    Henry didn’t get anything for Christmas lol! There wasn’t anything we “needed” so I got some stuff for Grayson and myself 🙂

  4. River got two peppermints and a replacement clip for his turnout sheet, lol. He’s getting other stuff but I think it’s going to be more for me (aka riding stuff) than him!

  5. Dang, the Oster Clipmasters alone would have made for a good Christmas, you really did well! I love the bonnet on him. Merry Christmas!

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