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Bill of Sale

Meet Miles!

I have a confession to make: I have been keeping a secret. I’ve had a horse on trial since Labor Day… which is why I conveniently left out Monday on my “Labor Day Weekend at the Barn” post. After my last trial ended on a bit of a bad note, I decided to keep this one quieter. So I’m sorry I left you out of the loop — but don’t feel too bad, because I left everyone out of the loop. Except my mom, because she has spidey sense and called me out on it.

But today, I’m finally letting you in on the secret because after 514 days, I am officially a horse owner again! And is my pleasure to finally introduce:

Milestone “Miles”
2006 Appendix Quarter Horse Gelding

The History

Miles’ history is a bit of an unknown. At some point, he was some sort of a rescue case and landed at a big hunter/jumper barn in the area. He was sold to his current owners as a Thoroughbred, but he has no tattoo and doesn’t totally look like a Thoroughbred and definitely doesn’t act like one. His old trainer, my trainer and my vet all agree that it’s unlikely he’s 100 percent Thoroughbred… and our best guess is Appendix, so that’s what I’m going with. He is, unfortunately, not able to be registered with AQHA. Miles’ age is also technically unknown, but my vet confirmed that he is about seven.

I first saw Miles in June at a horse show I attended, where he showed in the 2’6″ Intermediate Children’s Hunters and Equitation classes. I actually even tried him back then too. But I was adamant about having a trial period at my barn, and we couldn’t come to an agreement about that, so I passed… especially since he was out of my price range. But, after Trial Horse went home, my trainer got a call that he was still available, that his price had been reduced and that the owners were willing to do a trial!

The Trial

We picked Miles up on Monday and promptly had a lesson. We jumped bigger than I’ve jumped in months (I estimate some 2’3″ oxers!) and he was perfect. We got lead changes both ways, walked outside the ring and down the path in between all the empty paddocks. We even went up to the scary grass arena right next to the road and he didn’t spook once!

Throughout the week I had good flat rides, and he passed all of the mundane day-to-day tests like wash racks, grooming, etc. I had another lesson on Thursday, which I briefly mentioned in my Engagement(!!) post where I was an idiot and crashed through a jump and fell off. But Miles was a champ, and I got back on and jumped the same line and he didn’t even think twice about it!
We also had the vet check, and everything was pretty good. Miles is a little underweight, and we worried a bit about why. He’s a young horse, who has been receiving great care at his previous farm. We checked his blood work, as well as did a fecal, but all came back normal. So my vet began to worry more about a slight heart murmur she had heard, and recommended that I get an echo-cardiogram… which of course can’t be done on-site. After working out all the logistics, we were able to transport him to the Equine Hospital for the test.
And in true Miles fashion, he was fabulous. Stood around for over an hour while more than 25 vets and vet students (no joke) poked and proded his rib cage with stethoscopes and the ultrasound stick. And Miles just stood there… and eventually feel asleep — no sedation needed here! Luckily the results came back totally normal, with no lesions at all and he got the all clear to be a fabulous 2’6″ hunter horse!