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Awkward Llama

Good Rides

After feeling ‘blah’ for several weeks, I think I’ve finally turned a corner and am getting my mojo back. After writing down all the things I’m not happy with, I’ve put a few into practice and am already feeling better. So far I’ve really focused on two things: getting the horses moving forward off my leg, and increasing Miles’ topline musculature. I’ve tried a few different approaches, and I feel like I have a good plan in place now for both issues.


Visa and Miles Jump Oxers

I Have a Type

I’m slammed at work, and way behind on gathering media from the horse show… so you’ll have to wait just a little bit longer for the epic New Vocations Charity Show recap. In the meantime, I thought I’d talk about my type. I’m sure you’ve had conversations with your friends about the ‘type’ of guys you usually like: their look, their personality. And if you’re an equestrian, you’ve had the same conversation about your horses. I didn’t really think I had a type (and admittedly, my sample size is pretty small considering I’ve only ever owned two horses)… but looking at these pictures, I can’t deny it. I most definitely have a type.


Timber Run Farm Trails

Creek Crossing

I haven’t talked much about my riding goals this year, mostly because things have been pretty up in the air for a large part of the year. However, we’ve actually been doing pretty good with accomplishing things. One of my goals has been to get out of the arena and go on more trail rides. So far, this has been a smashing success. I’ve always felt guilty for not taking advantage more often of the 100+ acres of groomed trails right out our back door, but this year I went on more trail rides in the first two months than I did in the last two years combined!


Why do I make such ugly faces when I show

Trucking Right Along

After the show, Miles got a few days off, so we’ve only put in three rides since. Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking, but his attitude seems different — Miles seems more relaxed and happy and our rides have been short and sweet. The real test of course will be our lesson tonight, and I’m anxious to see how it goes.