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My first 3' fence ever

Armand Lacayo Clinic

I’ve been bitten by the clinic bug. This winter, I participated in my first clinic ever, with local hunter trainer and judge Scott DeHelian and had a wonderful experience. Some of the things I learned, I’ve been working on all winter and spring! So when our barn manager set up a clinic with one of her former college instructors, I signed up. A relatively cheap lesson with no travel required sounds like a win-win to me!


Miles collected trot

Flying High

Each year to celebrate Visa, I’ve dubbed April 17th to be “National Pony Day” and I’ve spent the day doing something fun… typically with ponies. This year was fairly low-key, but it did coincide with Trainer setting up a big outdoor course, so I snagged an extra lesson on Miles. And I may or may not have filled my Riding Warehouse cart for some retail therapy…


Miles Badonkadonk

Spring Sillies

We’ve reached the point of spring in the Midwest where all it does is rain and the pastures are saturated, and complete mud pits. While I’m definitely grateful for the warmer temperatures, Miles isn’t happy being stuck inside so much. Less turnout means more energy and Miles doesn’t always use his enthusiasm for good.