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Walking 2015

The Blahs

Who thinks it’s a good idea to schedule a lesson full of coursework immediately after 4-day hiatus from riding? Apparently me, because that’s exactly what I did this week. After my vacation to New York, which included Miles getting four days off, I scheduled a lesson on Monday evening. I’m sure you’re all shocked to hear that it wasn’t perfectly perfect.


Cantering at Sunset

The Mare I Fell In Love With

I’ve been riding Moiya since late Summer 2015, and officially began my half-lease in January. I first fell in love with Moiya when I rode her during the summer last year. Miles was lame and resting, and she saved me from sitting on my ass while all my friends took lessons and went to horse shows. She was a gem from the get-go, and we just clicked (albeit inexplicably, because no one was more surprised than me). Over the winter, she was a bit difficult, especially over fences. But during my lesson last Monday, I got a glimpse of the mare I originally fell in love with.


Powerful Canter 2015

First Lesson Outside

I’ve been waiting to jump outside on Miles for months. My biggest challenge with this horse is keeping him mentally happy and in the game. Indoors, he gets cabin fever; I can hardly blame the guy, after 6 months of riding in the indoor, I’m sick of it too. So on Monday when we got to jump outside, I was beyond thrilled.


Love this Nugget


As I left the barn on Monday night, a feeling I can only describe as euphoria came over me. It was cold, dark and rainy, yet I couldn’t help the smile that was plastered across my face. I have struggled with big problems and tough decisions regarding Miles all winter long, and truly successful, happy rides have been few and far between. Monday night was proof that I couldn’t deny: my riding and my partnership with Miles have both dramatically improved over the few months.