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Breechgate: Tailored Sportsman Edition

My typical riding outfit is almost always the same, day in and day out: helmet (with hair up in a hair net!), t-shirt tucked into breeches, belt, boot socks and tall boots. Sometimes I’ll have a fat day and wear a sweatshirt to hack in, but I always try to dress nicely for lessons. And I never ride in jeans or half chaps; I don’t care if others do, it’s just not my thing. I like to ride in the same attire that I’m going to show in… so that means breeches and tall boots.

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Drool-Worthy Products by Fly On Over

SFTS Blog Hop: That One Thing

In the last year, I’ve become totally and overwhelmingly addicted to tack. It started out innocently enough — new horse needs certain things I don’t own. But then… it spiraled into I WANT ALL THE THINGS and I indulged. Let’s not forget my first goal review of the year where pretty much all accomplished was spending money on tack. Oops. The first step to overcoming addiction is admitting your problem and now I’m finally on to the fixing it stage. But that doesn’t mean I don’t window shop with fervor. Thus, this blog hop from Stories from the Saddle is like nirvana for me right now. Here’s what I’m currently lusting after:

Equifit Luxe Open Front Boots

Yeah, that’s what I want. Why? No reason other than they are really pretty and I’m totally convinced Miles would look like a badass in leather boots. I can’t wear them to show in [Hunters aren’t allowed to wear any boots] and I’m not planning on showing in Equitation any time soon [plus boots in 2’6″ equitation would be overkill]. But they’re still really pretty and I want them. I also want the matching ankle boots too, please.

Ariat Heritage Field Boots in Sienna

Also, some brown field boots to school in would be just fantastic. Again, I totally don’t need these and really have no reason for them since again… I can’t show in them, but they’re beautiful. Just look at that color!! And a girl really can’t have too many pairs of shoes, right?! And if I got Miles those Equifit boots, we could match… all hunter princesses like to be matchy-matchy! Plus, a little birdie told me that Ariat is adding an XWide calf option next year for those of us with athletic calves — WOOHOO!

So, what are you lusting after right now?

Riding Socks

TBA Blog Hop: Riding Socks

It’s blog hop season, apparently! TBA just started her very first blog hop, and I’m really excited to participate, especially since her first topic is on one of my random equestrian obsessions: riding socks. Some girls like to buy lots of makeup or Louboutin shoes… I like to buy riding socks. I guess in the grand scheme of things, this unhealthy obsession of mine is at least relatively cheap [let’s face it, Zocks are cheaper than Maybelline]. I get really excited when new colors and patterns come out, and I literally cannot physically check out at a tack shop without buying a pair of boot socks. My collection is mostly made up of Ovation Zocks, but I have a few Sox Trots and Sock It To Me’s in my drawer as well… and yes, I have an entire drawer dedicated to just riding socks. I told you I had a problem!

Honestly, I don’t really have a favorite brand; all three brands I have I love. I use Zocks and Sox’s in the summer, because they’re thinner. My Sock it to Me’s are a bit thicker, but they keep my toes from going numb with cold in the winter, so that’s a bonus. My biggest consideration when buying riding socks is how cute the pattern is… because I’m obviously five years old and very mature. Lately, I’ve been hunting for some new colors to add to my collection: namely orange and green. Also, Ohio State Buckeyes riding socks would be a fantastic addition to my collection. So if you’re out and about and happen to see any cute ones, send ’em my way!

Riding Socks
The clean half of my sock collection
Equestrian At Hart Blog Hop

EAH Blog Hop: Equestrian Wardrobe

First off, thanks to Hilary (Equestrian at Hart) for starting up a new blog hop just when I needed some new content! For all of my talk about fashion and accessories, ultimately I am frugal and efficient when it comes to my everyday riding attire. Maybe if I had a trust fund I’d be in Tailored Sportsmans every ride, but I prefer to save my expensive clothing for shows. Which means for hacking and lessons I’m usually in just a t-shirt and breeches… I didn’t even wear tall boots every ride until the last few years. But just for the fun of it, let’s go through my wardrobe, and I’ll show you what this fashionista wears day in and day out to the barn:

I have two helmets: a Samshield Shadow Mat and an IRH ATH SSV, which I alternate between. I usually wear my Samshield to hack in during the summer because it’s so much cooler, but I always wear my IRH to jump in. The logic is that my IRH is cheaper and easier to replace in the event of a fall, and my Samshield is supposed to be my show helmet… but it’s too nice and too comfortable to sit on a shelf to be worn only once a month.

Helmets - IRH ATH SSV and Samshield Shadow Mat

For shirts, I usually wear either a golf polo or just t-shirt. I try to “dress up” for lessons in a polo, and the fabric used for golf shirts in particular is great in the heat. Otherwise, I wear slightly older, but still passable t-shirts, tucked in to breeches. I have a few different pairs of breeches, one pair which is reserved exclusively for shows, as well as four pairs or so of schooling breeches: two SmartPak Pipers and two Ariat Heritage Low Rise. I wear the same belt: a plain brown belt I got eons ago from Talbots when I worked there. Boot socks is probably where I splurge the most for my riding outfits. I love colored zocks! I like to have all the patterns in all the colors… because when you show hunters you have to rebel in the details! I probably have 15 pairs of boot socks with animal print, floral patterns, various shades of plaid, etc. It’s really hard for me to walk out of a tack store without a new pair of zocks.

Finally I always wear tall boots when I ride, because I don’t like to feel different in the show ring. I found changing from half chaps to tall boots at shows made me feel uncomfortable, so I decided to ride in what I show in. I recently got a new pair of tall boots (Ariat Challenge), but I’m hoping to repair my old ones (Ariat Heritage) soon so I can have practice tall boots and show tall boots.

Boot Socks Zocks

Friday Five Equestrian Earrings

Friday Five: Equestrian Earrings

I’m almost out of equestrian jewelry ideas, so make sure to relish these last few Friday five posts! I don’t usually wear earrings except for special occasions, but they do really help spruce up a work outfit and I think hunter girls in pearls are like peanut butter and jelly. It’s tough to find equestrian earrings that aren’t… strange. For some reason it seems every designer wants to put a horse’s head on my earlobe, but I just don’t find that particularly attractive [maybe that’s just me though]. Every other type of design is so outrageously expensive I almost choked on my coffee more than once doing research for this post. Seriously, I don’t have $200 to spend a pair of earrings, although I’m sure Georgina Bloomberg does; too bad I’m not her.

#1 Gold Stitched Equestrian Earrings

$30.99 from

Ralph Lauren has a pretty awesome lineup of equestrian-inspired clothing and jewelry, but usually it’s just out of my price range. So I was super stoked at my awesome internet sleuthing skills when I came across these darling gold small stitch earrings by the famous designer. I’m not sure anyone else will ever really notice that these are equestrian earrings, per say, but honestly that’s why I like them so much.

#2 Snaffle Bit Dangle Equestrian Earrings

$35.99 from

Don’t let the creepy website URL turn you away from these cute and inexpensive equestrian earrings. I get so tired of seeing everyone at the barn where studs, that I just had to have these high on my list. I know they’re maybe not the safest piece of jewelry to wear, but if we’re being honest we probably shouldn’t wear any jewelry to the barn at all… and where’s the fun in that?! Anyways, I think these earrings are classy and timeless… so what are you waiting for?!

#3 Lucky Clover Horseshoe Earrings

$24.95 from

A little bit more fun than your typical horseshoe earrings, these have clovers for extra luck. I think these would be really fun for an equestrian outing like a clinic, horse show or even a night out with your barnmates [post-lesson margaritas are thing, right?].

#4 Stirrup Equestrian Earrings

$12.99 from

Have I mentioned that I really like Kelly Herd’s jewelry designs? Usually her stuff is pretty pricey, but these are both really, really pretty and totally affordable! In fact, they’re the cheapest option on today’s list. So do yourself a favor and splurge on a special treat for yourself.

#5 Silver Horse Equestrian Earrings

$69.90 from

I know I said a lot of equestrian earrings are kind of hokey, and these are dangerously close to that. But for some reason, the Taurus earring just caught my eye… it’s kind of cute in an artsy way and I just had to put them on my list. I promise not to be offended when you squash my design sense on these ones though 🙂

Friday Five Equestrian Earrings