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october 2016 ribbons

2016 October Showtime at Willow Way

Our last show of the season was not only extremely successful for Miles and I, but truly a culmination of all that we’ve accomplished in the last six months. We jumped around the big ring, had out best trips to date in our division and had a lot of fun. Of course, none of this would have been possible without my amazing support system: Trainer, friends and family. The show wasn’t without its challenges — competing with no preparation (Miles went to the show the day after I returned from vacation), showing with the flu (thank goodness for DayQuil), and attending a Wedding the same weekend. All in all though, the show could not have gone any better for us!


miles landing

2016 September Showtime at Willow Way

Back to back horse shows are stressful and difficult as an adult, and things like laundry and grocery shopping tend to get put on the back burner. This particular week was rough since our show schedule was all changed around due to attending a wedding on Sunday… which meant we hauled the horses up to the show on Thursday and showed Friday and Saturday. Despite the change in routine, it turned out to be even better as it allowed us to show in some classes I wouldn’t normally compete in. It’s a nice challenge at this point in the season, and really drives home the idea of focusing on personal victories rather than ribbons.


warm up trot

2016 August Showtime at Willow Way

Our local show series added a last-minute schooling show the weekend before last, which I was really excited about. August is kind of a ‘down’ month in Central Ohio as far as shows are concerned, and while we had discussed trying to go out of town for a show this month, circumstances changed and that wasn’t an option anymore. So when the venue 15 minutes down the road added a show, we were all pretty excited!


Jumping at July Willow Way Show

2016 July Showtime at Willow Way

We’re just past halfway through the show season, I’m pretty pleased with the results so far. Things didn’t start out the way I’d hoped, and I’m still battling my way back from all the issues we had over the winter. The good news is that while my progress hasn’t been linear, there has been progress… tremendous progress. This horse show was a good marker for where I’m at riding wise: while things didn’t quite go as planned, I made the best of it and rode through it regardless.


Miles canter at New Vocations 2016

Transformation Thursday: New Vocations

The New Vocations Charity Horse Show has become somewhat of a┬álandmark occasion for Miles and I. Sometimes it’s because great things happen… and sometimes it’s the opposite. But regardless of which way the chips fall, I always enjoy looking back because I can see so much progress. We may not be moving up in height very quickly, we may not look picture perfect over every jump… but I am becoming a better rider than I’ve ever been. And making sure I take the time to SEE that and BELIEVE that is so, incredibly important.